Miley & Lindsay Lohan ‘Bond’ At Club

miley-lindsayMiley Cyrus & Lindsay Lohan, 27, bonded at 1 Oak nightclub in New York City despite the fact that Miley, 20, is under the 21 and over age requirement, reports Radar Online. Source: ‘Lindsay Lohan was at a nearby table and came running over to Miley’s table. The girls started giggling and whispering. They made several trips to the bathroom together and then left out a back exit, so they wouldn’t be spotted by the paparazzi.’ Miley visited the club with friends including Magic Johnson’s 20-year-old son Earvin Johnson III.

‘Miley and E.J. were at 1 Oak.. Miley was drinking alcohol in the club. He posted: ‘Insane crew at oak @ej_antoinette @mileycyrus #clique’. Lindsay is believed to still be sober. Last week Lindsay reached for a wine bottle at her friends Hollywood Hills home last week, but she told New York Daily News: ‘I was reaching for my purse and phone.’

  • Clauber

    Awsome, maybe Lilo likes Miley more than as a friend

  • smb

    Wow, no proof, A pic of her holding what probably is a non alcoholic drink. I go to clubs all the time and rarely drink. Most people can’t tell, since alcoholic drink and non alcoholic drink look the same. Where I live and most places I’ve been to, you can enter a bar or club at age 18. So story is a fail.

    • smh

      you obviously dont live in the USA.
      where the age requirements for 99% of places like that is 21.
      So you’re life is a fail.

      • Bor

        I live in the USA and you obviosly haven’t been to many clubs,they are clubs that are 18,so you fail,there is even clubs for 18 and under just so you don’t get around do you? But in this case does it matter?miley has been going to clubs for a while all artist do that, as you get invited to club birthday parties is the thing now!

        • mc

          Preach it!!!!!! I watched an E!News special called Secret Societies of Hollywood. Very interesting.

  • anon

    I hope that is not true since I’m still rooting for Lilo

  • Bree

    “Lindsay is believed to still be sober.”
    lol sure
    Btw, Miley spent the night at Lindsay’s place.

    • mc

      Were you there with them?

  • Yay!

    LiLo’s drug dealer is prob pissed he’s losing a ton of business, so Miley’s stepping in to make sure the coke dealers dont go out of business :)

  • threelittlebirds

    so if LiLo is still sober what is she doing in a club where she could be pressured to drink??

    • pandapower415

      typical Lindsay! lol she’ll never learn.

  • Siel

    This is hot. I could get behind this lesbian hookup.

    Miley with a strap-on. Sexy.