Noah Cyrus DRIVES Car Illegally At 13

noah-cyrus-illegal-driving (1)Noah Cyrus,13, was photographed illegally behind the wheel of a Fiat on Thursday, reports TMZ. Even more shocking is the fact that her passenger was her very own dad Billy Ray Cyrus! Noah drove around their Toluca Lake, Calif. neighborhood, where the legal age to drive with a learner’s permit is 15 and a half.

Do YOU agree with Billy Ray’s parenting?! Can Noah Cyrus be tamed?

  • HeyThereDuhhLila

    My parents took me driving before I got my learners permit too. That’s how you learn how to drive to begin with – by mastering empty parking lots and closed off neighborhoods. Let’s not act like she was speeding down the highway or trying to drive on an autobahn.

    • lols

      Yep, and I bet this was not the first time Noah was driving. They have lands in Nashville, don’t they? So, there. They probably have taught her how to drive there. I totally did it at my grandmother’s farm .

  • olMarialo .

    Still. Too young to learn. She’s not 15! She’s 13! Calm down, girl! Bad parents right there…

    • Clauber

      Come on, just look at her mom, tish acts like a teenager, never like a norma mom. Its the same thing with Lindsay’s mom

  • RedneckAtHeart

    It would be more acceptable if she were a few months shy of getting her permit, but she is only 13. The whole point of the learners permit is so you can legally learn how to drive, and if you are found driving any time before that( at least here in Fl) you wont be allowed to get your permit till you are 18…. I think Billy and Tish need to read a few more parenting books…

    • Jase

      She wasn’t “allegedly photographed illegally” driving her mother’s Fiat with her father in the passenger seat. She WAS photographed. She was out on Woodbridge Street doing that. That isn’t legal AND it certainly wasn’t safe. There are swarms of paparazzi on all those streets, and numerous “chases” ensue. I know, I’ve seen that firsthand! Letting her drive, all because Billy wants to be a fun parent, a pal, a friend to a bratty kid who wants her way all the time. And he probably feels guilty for having his affair with the Broadway dancer and wants to be liked by her and become the “favorite parent”. Ridiculous! And by the way, Miley no longer lives at the Woodbridge house, she moved back to her Studio City house. Maybe the streets of Toluca Lake will be safe again and Steve Carrell can breath a sigh of relief!

      • RedneckAtHeart

        I don’t see what this has to do with what I posted??… I was agreeing that is wasn’t safe and that it is illegal and that Billy and Tish need a few lessons on being parents…

  • pandapower415

    so what? my parents let me drive their car around in a secluded area so i could learn. i don’t see the big deal as long as she was with a parent in a save environment where there are no cars & people around.

    • RedneckAtHeart

      The point is, is it’s illegal. It doesn’t matter if it’s an empty parking lot or not. And she was driving around in her neighborhood, so there were most likely people..

      I can see it from both pov. I can see why people get upset, with it being illegal and all and I can also see why some find it ok, with her learning early and all. But at 13? I can understand starting on or around the 15th birthday, but 13 is a little young.

      • LAChris08

        Only reason anyone cares is cause its Noah Cyrus. Who cares really. My father had me driving when i was 14. Just around parking lots and the quiet streets, but there is nothing wrong with it. In many states in the Union, the legal driving age is 14 anyway…

        • RedneckAtHeart

          Only in 5 states it is legal to drive at 14(Cali not being one) the rest are 15/16. Like I said, I know many parents do it( mine didn’t, she’s old school) and you’re right, the only reason it’s even being discussed is because it’s Noah.

      • pandapower415

        illegal or not people are always going to break the rules. i’m okay with it as long as she didn’t hurt anybody or speeding down the street like some ppl….. aka justin, and i’m pretty sure billy ray is responsible enough to not put his & noah’s life in danger.

  • Tr

    Oh shut up she probably knows how to drive, her father has tons of land in Nashville am sure she drives around there billy wouldn’t put her life in danger if she didn’t know how to drive kids in the country knows how to drive cars since they are 8. I drove at 7 so what

  • boo

    I’m no fan of the Cyrus family & worry about little Noah in particular. That being said, even I think this is blown out of proportion. She’s 13 not 9. Most kids don’t wait to get their permit before getting behind the wheel for the first time. In fact, they like to get comfortable at least having SOME experience in the driver’s seat before trying to get their permits and licenses. It’s also really stupid how OceanUp added that “even more shocking” was the fact that her dad was in the passenger seat. Well, duh? He’s teachin her? Wait til she’s driving the car by herself or with another 13-year-old friend and THEN try to make a shocking headline out of it.

  • guest

    lol who cares

  • meh

    Girl is trying to grow up to fast tsk tsk tsk SMH lol jp

    I remember years ago my cousin was like maybe 12 or 13 drove my aunt(his mom) back to their house in the same subdivison as my parent’s house at midnight on Christmas cause my aunt was too exhausted to drive, though I heard he wasn’t good at it! XD

    It says she drove in the neighborhood so at least it wasn’t in a main road or the highway cause that would obviously be bad.

  • Clauber

    This girl has grown up too fast, i mean just remember when miley dyed Noah’s hair when she was like 7 years old, pathetic