Selena Gomez Sexy Cleavage In Miami

selena-gomez-cleavage-miami (3)
More pix of Sexy Selena in a bikini in Miami HERE!

UPDATE: Selena also appears to have gotten a new tattoo on her thigh!

  • betch wat

    You probably need a magnifying glass to see it.

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    Don’t get me wrong – she has a great body – but you’d think with her extensive touring she’d be more toned.

    • anon

      she is touring for what? 3 months? do you think it is that fast? she would need at least one year in this routine.

      • thesestrangelittlethings

        I don’t believe you’re correct, but carry on.

    • javi g

      the only problem she has is eating too much pickles. i know she says she dosen’t work out but i hope she does that stomach would look better with a little six pack. and some muscles in her arms.

      • P

        We can see she dont work out,she skinny but she flabby, and she has a huge stomach for someone who skinny everywhere else, she need to work that saggy ass and bulging stomach she will look much better, she needs to stop eating so much junk food,

  • Sir Doctor of TARDIS

    she’s looking amazing!

  • anon
  • I mean
    • anon

      ask justin!

    • Gymin

      Are you talking about the chinkmonk cheeks or chinkmonk breast?

  • t

    Great body? Miley has no stomach and is toned what with selena huge stomachache

    • Mack

      No two people in the world have the same body. Come on now!

  • yup

    Sorry, I don’t see any cleavage.

    • LAChris08

      Then you are blind, or think Playboy and Penthouse models are the norm.

  • Clauber

    Mexican beauty

  • The

    Why does she look 3 month pregnant?

  • P

    Miley wannabe trying to get tattoo like miley I thought she didn’t like them? Now she does typical off her. Next thing she will be getting naked in a wrecking ball lol. She can’t she dont have the confidence miley has, but after seeing this pictures I see why she a skinny out of shape girl.

  • Mate

    Lol at the obvious posing for the paps

  • Ko

    Kind of weird when her ex Justin is more in shape than she is!

  • Ko

    I like that bathing suit on her is look so much better than all the other ones she has wored. I love her hair, but it’s obvious she modeling for the paps, she doing poses like her photoshoot,and she even stare right at the paps

  • Guest

    I honestly don’t get the hype for her ‘body’ neither her face. I am sorry to her fans but she is average looking. Without all the make up she looks normal, 15 or 16 not 21 at all. She has cute chubby face and that’s it, her teeth are like so wrong and yellow most of the time but she’s cute :)
    And the body is just awkward. I mean she is skinny but still has huge stomach and it’s so weird? Her ass isn’t flat but she still hasn’t really got it, her boobs are normal size nothing special kinda saggy already. Legs skinny and arms as well, I expected she would be more toned. I really mean no hate, but she’s so average for someone who tours and is a celebritiy, I mean look at all those other how good body’s they have? I work out as well and I have a toned body it doesn’t take much but it pays off and is healthy. Seriously I would chose Demi’s body over her any time, she’s curvy but toned more and Miley as well but she became too skinny now. Bieber is better shape then her..well he does work out.

    • Anon

      She’s what they call ‘Skinny fat’

  • mountainmiracle

    So what if she doesn’t have six pack or is extremely toned/ She has a beautiful body! People talking crap about a girl who isn’t even fat is why people develop eating disorders.

  • pond

    Why the hell is everyone saying how bad her body looks? I mean, I doubt every single one of you is perfectly toned and looks great in a bikini, js.