Selena, ‘Katy Perry Has Been Great To Me’

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Selena Gomez on visiting Levine Children’s Hospital: ‘It’s kind of in my nature.. it makes me really happy.. Katy Perry has been really great to me. She’s always given me really good sisterly advice [and ] we’ve gone on hikes together where she’ll just lay it out on the line and I really appreciate that.’

Selena talks about her hip tattoo in the The Bert Show interview! + M&G pix!

  • P

    Oh once again Selena talking about someone who is on top so many coincidence right using Katy name now that she on top with the song roar. Typical Selena user

    • lil

      why everyone can talk about famous person and selena doesn’t? it is not the first time that she talks about katy. she has, through her whole musical career. Get a life and mind your business!
      You are nobody to decide her friendships.

      • P

        Because is typical of Selena why are you playing dumb,?she players this game with everyone she waits for who at the top then she tries to tap into their fame and attention by talking about them. Really next month is going to be another artist and she going to try to talk about them this happen because she don’t have the star quality this is what we call famewhore.

    • LAChris08

      Umm…her and Katy are friends..and have been for a while now:)

  • Y

    Too bad Katy says that the most famous person on her phone is miley

    • lil

      so? even my cat knows miley is more famous than selena. which does not prevent that katy be still supportive with selena. I remember katy tweets Sel giving her support on major events for her: the EMA awards hosting, the Elle photoshoot.

  • Buffy

    Selena Gomez has no sex appeal.

    • LAChris08

      Says you…

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