‘Lily Collins Is Terrible To Work With’

lily-collins-nightmareLily Collins is reportedly helping Zac Efron recover from drug addiction but a source told STAR: ‘Lily Collins will completely ignore anyone who isn’t A-list. And at a recenty party in Bel Air, she literally threw her cocktail on the carpet because she didn’t like it! Everyone was horrified.

One editor cancelled a photo shoot because she heard Lily was terrible to deal with. She’ll demad to bring her own stylist and is so prissy that she refuses to use the bathroom that’s been used by someone else. Her ego is going to ruin her career if she doesn’t get herself in check!’

However, another insider dished: ‘Lily is the perfect girl for Zac to be dating right now. She’s young, gorgeous and smart, but more than anything, she doesn’t drink or use drugs. Zac knows if he wants to save his career and his life, he needs to stay sober and it’s making his transition a lot easier to be dating someone like Lily.’

  • https://twitter.com/juliamoutinho Julia

    This is such bullshit. Have you not seen the video of her Seventeen Mag photoshot? She worked with the magazine’s stylist, who by the way, said amazing things about her.

    She’s a sweet girl, you should be ashamed to publish such rubbish about Lily!

  • anon

    She’s a rich girl used to people fulfilling her every whim but she seems have a nice personality and Stars is not reliable.

  • vanesamorley

    That’s not true! She’s such a nice girl, she works really hard!

  • lauren

    i like how you guys are acting like you know her personally, just becuse you people say she’s sweetest or w/e doesn’t mean she really is? its called being fake

  • lauren

    also this article on lily helping zac is from radar online

  • Julia

    I’ve actually met Lily and she’s delightful and polite and is very endearing with her fans, and there’s was no cameras around so it’s not like it was fake for the publicity.

  • anonymous

    This post completely contradicts itself. On one hand you’re saying she threw her cocktail on the ground because she didn’t like it yet you’re saying she’s perfect for Zac because she doesn’t drink? At least get your facts straight.

    • Sophie Lou


  • @nn@mmm

    What I don’t get is how is she going to save his career?
    Sure he needs someone to help him with his addiction, but his career is in a somewhat good place.

    • lauren

      because according to radar online, she doesn’t drink/do drugs or party? so apparently lily is the only girl for him that apparently can keep him safe? lol its radar online

  • Silver

    Well she is friends with Selena and Selena is not A List…. I call bullshit on this article. Lily seems alryt to me.