they are are SO CUTE TOGETHER so much better than lil bieby

  • Mi

    Selena next victim? She such a user

    • mc

      Ikr. Her music career has taken a downward spiral. lmfao!!!!!!

    • MCMimi

      New little brother just in case Bieber moves on from her games.

  • emjonas23

    Be a real couple! #AuLena <3

  • Lop

    What a great pair a miley wannabe and a Justin bieber wannabe they are both perfect for each other. Another up and coming artist and Selena is already putting dibs on him. Told ya Selena fans looking for the next it guy,she keeping him close so when he take off she famewhoring on him.

  • lil

    He went to see her concert and they are friends. Nothing more. Haters think they can control Selena’s life and friendships. What about mind your own?

  • Yeahalexa


    • anon

      He went to her concert with his own feet. Look at the pic. Does it looks like he want run?

  • HaylorToU

    That’s cute

  • dids

    Obviously she took that picture so Bieber can see that she’s with a boy EXACTLY like him in all ways. She’s so desperate at showing him that she’s moved on, trying to make him jealous, but if she really had moved on, she wouldn’t give two fucks and wouldn’t waste her time trying to make him jealous.

    Plus, all of this only makes me think of: yeah, maybe the Selena haters were always right… She def looks for the next it guy to call people’s attention.

    • anon

      right? I bet she put a gun on his head and forced him to go to her concert. Austin, “It guy”? LMAO

      • dids

        Clearly you didn’t understand, try again. Many guys have a crush on Selena, so it wouldn’t surprise me that he went to her show. I’m not saying she forced him, duh. I’m saying she’s letting him approach with the purpose of calling attention because yes, she hunts down hit guys. It’s another way also of calling Justin’s attention, so obvious.

  • jane

    i ship him with camila cabello sorry haha

  • BrokenArrow18

    He looks so adorable. He’s so cute. His bff, Alex, loves her so yeah they were obviously gonna go to her concert.

  • Silver

    Someone shoot all the Beliebers please. They are fucking annoying.