Jaymi On Gay One Direction Fan Fiction

jaymi-hensleyUnion J’s Jaymi Hensley told METRO: ‘Me coming out has had no negative effect on our band at all. We’ve got a record deal and songs in the charts. If anything, it’s helped form a connection with fans. The fact I’ve been able to achieve this while being true to who I am might inspire other gay kids, it doesn’t matter what you look like or who you love, you can do whatever you want in life.

Look at the One Direction fan fiction, they’re fantasising about One Direction having gay affairs with each other. Times have changed. I haven’t read it but it sounds hilarious. Girls are fantasising about them being gay when they’re not; in the past, the situation was completely opposite.

If someone calls me a derogatory name on Twitter, I challenge it. If I let people call me a ‘fag’, how am I helping my fans feel empowered? When I was younger, I used to be called ‘poof’ and ‘fag’ and it made me feel awful, it’s not nice to have abusive words used against you.’

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