Joe & Blanda Flaunt Love Amidst Breakup

joe-blanda-breakupJoe Jonas & Blanda Eggenscwhiler flaunt love in New York City yesterday as Jonas Brothers fans have been crying all morning over their breakup. Joe and Blanda are house hunting in LA and may be married soon, Kevin appears to prefer retired life and Nick is focusing on his solo career. More pix HERE. Via @lovanas.



    the fact that they are calling the paparazzi while fans are sad about the breakup is kind of a slap in the face for so many years of support..

    • k

      i agree with you OU. and Blanda “the dealer” was laughing yesterday. She loves the attention and get papped. Her life is pretty much dedicated to paparazzi shots because she thinks she is a celebrity now. She thinks we are fools, but Joe is the only fool guy manipulated by her. We know she is who calls to the paparazzi and who says to Joe where they have go for get papped.

  • fbb

    well jonas brothers dosent care about their fans anymore because joe jonas is getting married with blanda and nick is not goin to goin solo because he is gonna lose soo many fans because fans they love as jonas brothers all three of them not just one

  • anon
  • anon

    Joe is being a douchebag, acting all lovey dovey with his girlfriend while millions of Jonas fans cry. Not only that…. he’s also cruel for calling the paps on himself to rub it in our broken hearts.

  • anon

    Nick said he’s doing Broadway but is Broadway going to give him another chance after he closed one of their most successful shows?

    • anon

      Considering HTS had already recouped all it’s money plus some by the time his run ended, yes.

    • GirlFromYourDreams

      Nick didn’t “close” H2$ The producers of the show earned all their money back and than some. It’s just the nature of the business. Revivals don’t last forever unless it’s a super iconic show like “Sound of Music, Chicago, Les Mis”

  • Sleeping

    I don’t think they realise (especially Joe gallivanting all over LA) that their actions are basically like giving a huge middle finger to their fans… I feel sorry for the people that have supported them over the years- they deserve better.

  • anon

    Blanda and Olivia the Yoko Onos of our time.

  • anon

    Joe says he wants to act, but will the constant photoshoots with Blanda all over the USA be enough for casting directors?

    • Joanna

      This was so funny.

  • anon

    Kevin says he wants to be a father, but is the pregnancy even real?

    • Josie Vazquez

      yes is fucking trueeeeee is gonna be a girl! kevin was so sad about this the split of the band he told to a fan yesterday that he said sorry for let u guys down he really was the one who cares for us !

  • anon

    Plot twist – Blanda ends up being the one with the successful solo career

  • Gunjn

    Well jonas brothers they don’t love us anymore they only care about their self but not their fans is like Jonas say go to hell fans

  • lols

    It’s just so stupid what they did, I mean, ok they could have said: we decided to break up but we’re gonna do a LAST TOUR so we can say goodbye to our fans. THIS is real consideration with fans.

    • Josie Vazquez

      yea i agree with u! :(

  • Anon

    I’ve never hated a couple more then I hate them. I don’t hate Joe personally, I just don’t like what this relationship has turned him into. But yes I do hate Blanda, and it SURELY it’s out of jealousy. I would NEVER want to be her.

  • JC


    • Yhjnn

      Well sooner or later they goin to break up

  • JC


  • JC


  • JC


  • wtf

    If Nick was scared that the album was gonna flop since their singles didn’t do well ( which would explain the whole “I felt trapped” thing) that was just intolerant of him. Many singers have had an album that has flopped because they made wrong choices and guess what? They released the album, accepted the critics and moved on, worked harder in their next album. Nick is just TOO perfectionist, it seems like he doesn’t know how to deal with frustration. If it’s not good enough, if it’s not perfect then the only way is to break up? SRSLY? He’s too harsh on the band!


    Thats what I saw on the askfm of jonasleaks: “As I’ve said before Joe has a lot of issues. They were getting so bad to the point where he couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted to kill himself and he realized he couldn’t continue with this tour or he’d end up dead in a hotel room somewhere. He was getting more and more addicted to drugs as well. So he made a decision to cancel the tour and focus on getting better”

    This makes sense. Because the Jonas would never want to say: Oh we break up because Joe tried to kill himself. This issue is very complicated. That’s why they couldn’t explain with details and if they have to cancel the tour and break up to save Joe’s life, so be it. Maybe fans should stop complaining so much and whining that they don’t care about them, because the problem must be tremendously more awful than you imagine.

    • anon

      I think there is some kind of issue with one of them they are not going to talk about…nobody cancels a tour last minute unless its a serious issue…it you feel trapped you dont record and plan a tour and waste tons of money…you speak up before money is wasted. Nick is being politically correct and trying to come up with an excuse to tell the press.

    • gngn

      well maybe nick it was trying to kill himself nobody knows

    • cvcb

      what joe jonas try to kill himself?please stop made a crap bitch

  • Rosemary

    For a second there, I thought Joe and Blanda broke up. I went from :-D —–> :-( in a matter of seconds

  • Britt

    Joe and Nick are with Blanda and Olivia because they choose to be. If they are using them obviously they don’t care, so no one else should either.

  • Ybhnn

    Well nick is in drugs too

    • Me

      I kinda have the same feeling

  • anon
  • Gbjbh

    That means jonas brothers they are not gonna to do a change for the children founddation?nick is not goin to help kids who has diabetes and joe jonas is not goin to help those retard people special Olympics well they are not goin to help no boby

    • fgfg

      haha retard people yeah what is wrong with joe jonas to help those kind of retard people? he is out of mind what is wrong with him he needs to help another kind of people

      • RedneckAtHeart

        The correct term is mentally disabled, not retarded. Retarded is what you are for making that asinine comment.

  • J

    ok the Jonas Brothers are over. I blame on Blanda Eggenspedo. She got Joe hooked up on drugs. Blanda has a lot of control over Joe and his actions. She is who calls to paparazzis!! She is a LIAR

  • SweetSweetLife

    Get off smack Joe… get away from Eggs!!

  • anon

    Ken Baker ‏@kenbakernow12m
    @TeamJoeJonas Nick’s sound/style is far different than the pop sound of the band. And I’m told this was at the core. #KenOnJonas
    Retweeted by E! News

    Nick was the one who produced the album aka he was in charge of how the album would sound like. How does this even make sense? and didnt E! say first Nick wanted a pop feel to the album and Joe a more rock style/mature vibe?

  • anon

    Oh hey Nick semi shirtless! Nice timing get that promo Nick!

  • anon

    LIKE how can you say Nick didnt like the sound they were doing, when he was the one who made it? AND all the music he’s produced for other artists like “One Day” is pop?

  • anon

    This whole break up is just another way for Nick to get publicity. Nice timing! The promo stills for Hawaii are being released today, the day they announce the break up and Nick was “trapped” oh poor Nick! said the press release. It’s all just another ploy by Nick’s team.

  • fchbh

    well jonas brothers are mean people because they dont care about their fans some of the fans are crying and jonas dosent care aboy fans their care about money and fame

    • bnb

      since whe are jonas brothers are nice to their fans ?

    • stacey

      Yeah 3 wks and nothing from them,then instead of doing a live chat to do the announcement,they go on GMA!? they using this as publicity and probably making into a bigger story than what it really is.

  • stacey

    These two are pathetic! it’s just not in them to lay low until things calm down,like Nick and Kevin,instead they go out to get their pics taken with smiles on their faces,little fucking shits.Jie has changed since dating Blanda,but only in the last few months.Now everything that Joe does,Blanda is there,or has to be seen or apart of it.Joe’s solo career is going to flop,because all that gets talked about is his relationship and rumors and it’s HIS fault

  • stacey

    OU did you see the interview Blanda did,where she basically admitted being in the media,has helped expand her career aka dating joe has helped her!! that bitch is SO annoying.Then she says she looks at the floor for the paps LIE! she smiles at them,and poses.I hate her

  • JJ456

    Well, I hope eventually Joe will get tired of walking, he’s been walking for weeks now, lol. If he’ll grow his hair to his 2009 style, he can play Adrian Grenier’s Vince’s brother on the Entourage movie (he could be the “third brother”, lol) or he could be on Baby daddy” so we could get a full make out scene with him and “Stella”, lol.

  • peri13

    oh gosh this website has become so shit now its like on perezhilton level

  • Betsy Suarez

    They’re not going to get married