Jonas Brothers To Reveal Breakup Cause

jonas-breakup-reasonjoe-jonas-applauseJoe & Blanda walking in New York City today. Jonas Brothers to reveal breakup reason tomorrow in media storm which is way to late for fans. Source told Hollyscoop: ‘Nick [Jonas] has wanted out of the band for years. He was approached from day one by people wanting him to leave the guys. They are trying to get Joe help without him going to rehab. The family believes God can help him. He is not ‘out of control’ but he does need help.

Of course Danielle wanted him to not go on tour. She is at home with her first pregnancy. His parents are her parents and they have been helping all they can but they advised Kevin to put off this tour. I promise you that this is more of a break. They may not ever be a touring band again, but they are all very close and will be doing music together for the rest of their lives.’ Photos: GSI Media.

  • jillianrose

    Joe has a beautiful jawline and profile. Nick is really an egotistical dbag.

    • really?

      Because you know him personally? Honestly I have heard from people that have MET him that he is a sweetheart. You do realize the thing about him wanting to leave for years is made up by some random gossip site right?

      • bhmbh

        well nick is boring person and he is not a sweetheart he is alway serious person who who dosent give love to others

        • Anna

          Just because he is a more serious person that doesn’t make him an ass. And again do you know him personally? No so stop judging him, sheesh!

    • anon

      Agreed egotistical douche bag is the best description of Nick.

  • boystan

    yasss work dat gaga look

  • Anonom

    It’s all going to be bullshit.

    • anon

      Ya we wont hear the whole truth from them. I hope they dont spew bullshit the whole interview tomorrow and make things seem all lovey dovey – BARF

      • anon

        Idk about spewing bullshit, Nick is announcing a solo show tomorrow though. That’s the exhilarating news. He will be performing hits like Pom Poms and ALBL.

        • gbhnh

          nobody cares about his stupid solo and ALBL is a boring song

  • wowman

    I hope they tell the HONEST TRUTH on GMA. It won’t be nice of them if they don’t, no matter how awful the situation is, otherwise people will look at them as fake, that don’t have consideration enough to tell what’s going on. Look at Demi Lovato, she exposed her whole struggles with rehab and eating disorder. She was BRAVE so they gotta be brave too.

    • Anna

      But it took Demi a while to really be able to talk about it, this just happened to them and their fans have little to no respect for their privacy. I hope they tell the truth too, but at the same time if they don’t it is no ones business. I don’t think it has to do with bravery, this is obviously a personal issue and if they don’t want to fully open up they shouldn’t have too.

  • anon

    Joe is going to dance for Lady Gaga now.

    • ashleyofcourse


  • oui

    who is the gay guy next to joe jonas?wow disgusting

    • RedneckAtHeart

      Way to be closed minded….

  • anon

    Joe is auditiong for Dancing With The Stars.

  • anon

    Joe is shaving his sides ala Fast Life.

  • shanghai

    But they knew all this BEFORE they committed to a tour. We all knew Danielle did not want to tour and Kevin would not go without her. Joe well I hope he is OK but health concerns there would be a reason to cancel. Nick well he is super talented and could do his own thing once the tour was done. They really need to say something ASAP as there is too much speculation when you don’t address the rumours.

  • You can say whatever you want but for me this is all for Nick Selfish Jonas

  • Rosemary

    Couldn’t the baby have waited until AFTER the tour?

  • immabetrolling

    Wow, nowadays, it was predictable they’d be breaking up.
    But back in 2008… who would’ve ever thought things would’ve ended up this way. Everybody has changed so much: Jonas Brothers, Miley, Selena, and Demi. (Though I can’t say their attitudes nowadays weren’t predictable.) Still cannot believe how fast time passed.

  • Rosemary

    And why is it taking so long?

  • luna

    that source wants us to believe is all nick fault? -_-

  • RedneckAtHeart

    We will never get the whole truth from them, they are to pansy to do that.

  • SweetSweetLife

    Nick is a self centered brat who is too pussy whipped now to see clearly. Goodbye Jonas Brothers. I’m done with you all. Joe, don’t marry your drug dealer or you’ll be dead in a couple of years. Nick, I blame you for all this, I hope her pussy is worth you & your brothers career! Kevin, I still love you because I know you are an innocent bystander in all this, but go live in Jersey and raise a bunch of kids and please DO NOT put them into show-business!

    • Anna

      OMG it sounds like you talked to them personally about this, so lucky.
      Seriously though, shut up about them. You don’t know if anyone was really at fault, bands break up all the time. Yeah they are related, but they have always had different musical opinions. Yeah Joe is probably on drugs, but instead of being an ass you could just say you hope that he gets everything worked out. And Nick having a girlfriend did not cause the band to break up where did that even come from? And as far as Kevin, I don’t know. But I don’t really think any of them are innocent in this, so stop pointing fingers until they release an official reason.