Miley Cyrus, ‘I Am A Feminist’

miley-cyrus-feministMiley Cyrus told Cosmopolitan UK: ‘I’m a feminist in the way that I’m really empowering to women.. I’m loud and funny and not typically beautiful. When do I feel at my sexiest? After I’ve eaten something really healthy and done Pilates, and I’m wearing tight leggings. When I’m in gym clothes I actually feel sexy and healthy, so sometimes I’ll stay in them all day!’

  • j

    actually if she really was a feminist wouldn’t she be wearing a full set of clothes? wearing nothing makes you appear to some guys as something to hit and not an actual person.

    • anon

      Isn’t feminism about equality? So how does wearing little clothes make you a non feminist?

      Feminists just want men and women to be treated equal. So if Taylor Lautner and Zac Efron can be half naked and naked for a movie women can do the same.

      • Alii

        “So if Taylor Lautner and Zac Efron can be half naked and naked for a movie women can do the same.” That’s very different. Nobody is saying that women can’t or shouldn’t be able to do that FOR A MOVIE. Miley Cyrus isn’t an actress. She strips down for the attention and the fame sending the message that she wouldn’t be where she is right now if it weren’t for her stripping and shaking her ass. Look at One Direction, girls love them because they’re charming and sexy and talented. Look at Beyonce, everyone loves her because she’s charming and sexy and talented. Now look at Miley Cyrus. She makes music videos where she’s half naked (or fully naked) and doing weird shit for the attention and fame. She performs on stage half naked doing weird shit for the attention and fame. She does photo shoots where she’s half naked (or fully naked) and doing weird shit for the attention and fame. It’s all for attention and fame and that sends a really fucking terrible message to women. Get naked and people will love you! So no, just no. She’s not a feminist. She’s not empowering to women. She’s degrading.

        • Rosemary

          PREACH!! Thank you for this!

        • abbythenormalone

          pretty sure miley cyrus got her fame from Hannah Montana…

      • lmao

        I’ve seen videos of feminist women doing protests on streets without shirts or even bras. They want to show the message that they DON’T want to be objectified, which can be confusing to people who don’t know what feminism is. They want to walk on streets with little clothes without being objectified. What Miley is doing is the OPPOSITE. She’s showing that she’s OBJECTIFYING herself, she’s selling sex, she’s doing it with the purpose of shocking people. Look at that photoshoot she did showing her nipples? She did that so man can masturbate to her. That’s the complete OPPOSITE of what feminists want.

      • mc

        I wish we didn’t have to be nude to be noticed…But given the game as it exists, women make decisions. For instance, the Miss America contest is in all of its states…the single greatest source of scholarship money for women in the United States. If a contest based only on appearance was the single greatest source of scholarship money for men, we would be saying, “This is why China wins.” You know? It’s ridiculous. But that’s the way the culture is. I think that we need to change the culture, not blame the people that are playing the only game that exists — Gloria Steinem.

  • barbiescunt

    Stop lying. You are not a feminist and you are not empowering women. You are imposing that women can only be successful if they take their clothes off. That isn’t feminism, you lack confidence and believe talent alone is not enough to be successful. So you take your clothes off.

  • cerenagee

    Miley Cyrus you are a disgrace to women. I feel empowered by women like Beyonce. Someone who knows how to be sexy without revealing too much. Someone needs to slap Miley back into reality. I feel like everytime I hear her talk she is just so fucking full of herself and its all bullshit. YOU ARE NOT FUCKING TIGHT MILEY YOU ARE NOT GOING TO RULE THE WORLD YOU ARE TRASHY AND NOT EMPOWERING TO WOMEN WHATSOEVER!

  • Alii

    She’s so delusional, it’s scary.

  • pandapower415

    “When I’m in gym clothes I actually feel sexy and healthy, so sometimes I’ll stay in them all day!”

    that statement is sooo true tho. i honestly feel the most sexiest when i’m in my yoga pants & uggs. weird, but i can see where she’s coming from. but she’s def not a feminist for sure.

  • anon

    I FEEL sexiest naked. Making a sexy kissy face at the mirror before taking a shower, with my hair down.

  • name

    hahahahaha ya.. suuerree…Ok Miley….

  • anon

    I dont really understand what she means though by saying she’s a feminist because she empowers women?

    • chyea

      Me either. I don’t think she understands the meaning of the word. Feminism is about women being treated equally to men. It’s a little arrogant to assume that her confident carefree attitude is empowering for other women. Surely it is for some but not everyone admires her so she should rethink her statements a bit.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    Empowering to other women? Does she not realize that most women shake their heads in shame at her? She is beautiful and talented, but her actions over shadow it. She comes off a bit cocky and self absorbed in interviews..

  • Rosemary

    She’s far from a feminist

  • Rosemary

    She’s giving us women a bad name

  • threelittlebirds

    some people may find her feminist and some may not, i’m not sure if i see it..
    I do like what she said on what she feels sexy in, it makes her sound low key.

  • HAHA!

    LMFAO!!!! :D
    “i’m empowering women…by being a trashy slut”.

    OH OK miley ;)