Exclusive... Miley Cyrus Looking A Little Out Of Itmiley-purple-wig (2)Singer Miley Cyrus looking a little out of it while taking a ride with a friend and stopping to take a pictures with some fan in Studio City, California on October 29, 2013. Miley also looked very high wearing a purple wig today. Photos: FameFlynet.

  • Rosemary

    Yessss Miley with the purple wig! She looks SO good with long hair!


    The brown wig though omg
    Miley Ray Stewart feels

  • RedneckAtHeart

    Oh shit! Sportin wigs and looking messed up in public. Here comes the Britney melt down… :P

  • Alii

    She looks different with long hair now. Like Lindsay Lohan different. I can’t see them going back to their old ways/looks anymore.

    • Sophie Lou

      exactly what I thought!

    • lil

      That’s just because she lost weight and she is older

  • Htr

    Miley has a beautiful face but that mouth and that dental work…. jeez.

    • mc

      Her dental work is probably better than yours.

  • A

    Definitely blazed! Her eyes are dilated.

  • SweetSweetLife

    Well she was spotting hanging out with Lindsay Lohan lately… so she’s on drugs & might be a lesbian! hahahahaha

  • mc

    Hey OU, have you ever heard of blinking?

  • laura

    omg please, when you smoke weed you’re eyes are red and as far as I can tell, hers aren’t. so I’m pretty sure she ain’t high.

    • :)


  • Ria

    Aw, she looks so pretty in the wigs. In the brown one, she looks just like how she used to look in the first seasons of Hannah Montana. I love the “new” Miley still but this makes me miss the old, long-haired Miley. Reminds me of my childhood.

  • carmen

    she’s ABSOLUTELY BLAZED. look at her eyes. in the pic with the purple wig you can see that her eyes are almost black, that happens when you pop molly

    • :)

      Oh, so you’ve popped molly before?

  • dahlia

    When youre high your eyes are droopy, when youre on mdma your pupils dilate ( like in the wig photo)… no wonder. whoever makes drugs seem ‘cool’ and fun is an idiot