nick-joe-jonas-togetherJoick spotted together in New York City today. Via ‏@ridanase.

  • anon

    Nick is announcing his solo album tomorrow or another Broadway show.

    • amy

      probably the premier date of CWYWF or the hawaii 5-0 episode

  • anon

    I bet this reunion was another ploy by team Nick. Nick told Joe to go behind the scenes while he pushes his solo album and Broadway show.

  • anon

    So this it, this is the end. Joe will continue doing the photoshoots with Blanda, hoping a casting director sees them thus hires him for a soap opera. Kevin will continue to bang Dani, he will continue to do her hair and now soon his baby’s hair. Nick will do Broadway titled “I Hope This Play Doesnt Close Too” and work on his new album with the administration titled “How To Suceed in the Music Industry Without My Brothers”.

    • Anon

      hahahahaha this is the greatest thing I’ve read all day!

    • B

      LOL. That’s funny.

  • HIUP

    Nick is a mildly talented musician. That’s about it. Hilarious that he feels “trapped”. He was on his own when he put out his solo music that went nowhere. He was on his own when he spent a year in the beat lab and came up with not one hit for anyone he produced for. He was on his own when his broadway show closed down for lack of attendance. He is the one who went back to his brothers when solo projects never worked out for him. He needed them when he was thirteen and the record company only wanted him if he brought his brothers along with him. Nice to know that he felt so trapped he couldn’t make it thru a month worth of concerts and had to disappoint loyal fans. At a concert this summer he made a speech about how his brothers and band have always had his back and supported him. Guess this is their reward for all that loyalty.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    All because they were seen out in public together doesn’t mean they are getting along… I’ve been out with my sister many times while wanting to beat her ass….

  • SweetSweetLife

    Funny Nick, I do. And I pretty much hate you too now! Your hair is and always has been your best quality. So when you shave it, you look like every other creep out there. Bye!