Nick Jonas Hawaii Five-0 Episode Stills

nick-jonas-hawaii-five-o-episode-stills-29Stills from Nick Jonas‘ Hawaii Five-0 episode. Will YOU watch it?


    they should have just released an EP over the summer instead of leading fans on all year like this



  • Azurite song

    WOW Nick looks sooooooooooo hot like wow wow wow I love you nick and it was herd to find out that th jonas brothers are done but it is so worth being there fan for so many years

  • amy

    they will release V
    mark my words

    • anon

      Nope Kevin confirmed this morning that they are not.

  • Gah

    Nick’s face doesn’t photograph very well on any of the TV shows he’s guested on. He looks very nerdy here.

    • anon

      Well he’s playing a computer hacker so nerdy is the look they were going for.

    • anon

      That’s how he looks irl too.

  • XaskTaylorX

    Well, if they play the episode I will watch it…

  • anon

    Oh God, couldn’t stand Nick’s arrogance and annoyed face everytime Joe spoke this morning. I’m sad they broke up, but at least I dont have to stand Nick now that he’s not with Joe and I can just stick to supporting Joe while Kevin becomes a stay at home dad and Nick goes shirtless for every role he does next just to get attention.

    • RedneckAtHeart

      So I wasn’t the only one that noticed the annoyance on his face? I have a feeling that everything he will do will be a flop.. I haven’t heard a single word about the movie since he got done filming and as from what I got from the interview, he doesn’t want to do pop but yet he is working with nothing but pop artist so I don’t see that panning out either.. I think Nick and Joe need to take a step back from the music for a while. Kevin has the right idea and is moving on to something completely different..

      • anon

        He was all about himself, everytime he spoke he smiled. Then when Joe opened his mouth to speak, Nick had that annoying look on his face, as if he was jealous or annoyed that anyone but him was speaking? lol Yeah I dont understand why he talks about not wanting pop, when every song he’s produced has been pop and he was the one that produced V so yeah