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1D sold most concert tickets at Sydney’s concert hall & Take Me Home posters.

One Direction have topped iTunes charts worldwide with their new single ‘Story Of My Life’. It topped US, UK, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand and Spain. It’s in the Top 5 in France, Australia, Norway, Portugal, Italy, Austria and Germany. 1Dwill release their third studio album Midnight Memories in the UK on November 25 and a day later in the US.

Mumford & Sons on 1D: ‘The boys have really good voices, they’ve all got very different voices. Harry [Styles’] rasp is something that you can always lean towards.. All the boys have such a great sound themselves. For instance the demo that we played the boys sounds a lot more folky than it does now. That’s what amazing about their voices [when they record it] straight away it sounds like them.’

‘With lines like ‘She told me in the morning she don’t feel the same about us in her bones/ It seems to me that when I die, these words will be written on my stone.’ We just wanted to write something that was true and I think with ‘Story of my Life,’ it really hits a chord with people that have heard it so far.’

Virgin owner Richard Branson ordered One Direction to perform on his private island at his New Years Eve party. Source told The Mirror: ‘One Direction have been asked to be the main attraction and perform at the party. Officially the bash is being thrown to celebrate the start of space flights with Virgin Galactic which are due to be launching by the end of 2014.

It will not be a ‘worky’ event. Sir Richard wants everyone to let their hair down and have a good time. He has invited guests to stay for a decadent party.’ A holiday to Necker Island will cost you about £37,500 ($58,000) per night! 1D will also be part of Children In Need on November 15 at 7 PM – 12 AM to perform ‘Story Of My Life’ for the charity.

Performing ‘Torn’ at soundcheck under!

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