Samantha Armytage Rejects Harry Styles

samantha-armytage-harry-styles36-year-old Australian presenter Samantha Armytage rejected Hary Styles sexual advances. She told The Sun On Sunday: ‘When he walked in and kissed me on the cheek I thought, ‘Oh, hello’. Harry was very open and talked about women. He did say he didn’t care about age. And there was a lot of flirting from him, and it wasn’t just in one direction.. It went in both directions. He did invite me for a round of golf. He is far too young. And I’m too old for him. I prefer older men. I’m old enough to be his mother.’

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  • immabetrolling

    “Told The Sun”. Come on guys, just by that you know this isn’t true! OU, I know you wanna be funny, but at least post some reliable sources. Even Teen Bop is more reliable!

    • You’re wrong, immabetrolling.

      Maybe you’re just trolling, but The Sun is an Australian newspaper, it’s legit.

      • immabetrolling

        Nope, I wasn’t intending to troll. I’ve just assumed by previous experiences that The Sun isn’t reliable… I thought it was an English magazine in the first place LOL

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    if this is true ill kill Harry. This obsession of his of older women is ridiculous. YOU GOT FRESH YOUNG PUSSY AT YOUR SERVICE and yet you want an old sand bag?! why even

    • immabetrolling

      Yes, if this is true, that guy… has issues. And this woman, no offense, looks a bit older than her years…

      • onelove

        you two ^ have ugly souls. How rude to judge someone on their choice for love. He doesn’t go for “YOU GOT FRESH YOUNG PUSSY AT YOUR SERVICE” because he is not a pedo and realizes they are all under age? Older women are mature and reliable. Clearly unlike you. You arent true Harry fans if you can so easily sit there and put down what he enjoys to do with his time and penis. GET A LIFE.

        • immabetrolling

          LOL dafuq I ain’t even a directioner. I just have never been comfortable with such huge age differences in relationships. Cultural differences, okay?

  • lol in her dreams

    lets be honest shes not hot enough for harry to go for her. like compare her to caroline and its obvious shes not his type

  • Duckyhoward15

    Watch the interview she is the one flirting and focusing on him while he is talking about the band lol , infact Niall flirted with her .

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