Selena Gomez Bikini Miami Photos 2

selena-gomez-bikini-miami (1)Selena Gomez Shows Off Her Bikini Body In Miami
Spring Breakers star Selena Gomez topless sunbathing a lounge chair at her hotel with friends on Oct. 28 and 29, in Miami, Florida. The singer took a break from her Stars Dance Tour to work on her tan this morning. Photos: FameFlynet, INF.

  • fewt

    13 year old body.

    • LAChris08

      you must know some very developed 13 year olds.

      • Tash

        Ey kids these days are overgrown! Im 21 but people will never say im older than 16. I get 12 & 13 all the time! But that’s just ridiculous. I’ve been a C cup since like 14 and now a D. I blame tv. They have 20+ and 30+ people playing teen roles. Plus some are just overgrown!

        • LAChris08

          Its the milk. I am not kidding. Commercial milk and meat have growth hormones, get those into a growing kid, and you get earlier maturation. That and kids are just sexier than when i was growing up. We live in a slightly more permissive world, that allows kids to look more grown up.

  • Lucy

    She looks adorable in the first pic


    selena looks very sexy topless. miley tries too hard to be unhealthily skinny

    • blue

      At least Miley has a toned stomach biotch!!!

    • mc

      Miley does pilates everyday,unlike your so called whatever, that’s why Miley looks the way she does, toned and hot!!!!!!!

      • kay
        • Ty

          Wardrobe malfunction it happens to best we seen her in bikiny and naked she dont look like this she looks better than Selena.

          We know that’s the plastic of the cloth pushing it because is so tight why you playing dumb and stupid? Everyon3 knows miles has a better body,you putting this pick just proof how desperate you want Selena look better because her huge stomach and flabby body.

          • Tash

            It’s so ridiculous. Cos just before that performance they picked on her and put her on magazine covers and said she’s anorexic and made up eating disorder stories. Then they plastered that shit everywhere and said she has cellulite etc and shoulnt flaunt what she doesn’t have. Miley can’t catch a break. She knows it and im happy she doesn’t give a fuck or let it phase her and I love to see her laugh it off and call out haters on their stupidity.

          • LAChris08

            It would be nice if magazines and internet sites would stop judging appearance. Women change body tone depending on what time of the month it is. It seems that gossip sites and magazines would like easting disorders and drug use to increase.

  • mountainmiracle

    She’s beautiful.

  • laura

    she has such an ugly body..
    honestly, i think it’s prettier to be either skinny or have curves (heck for all I care you are overweight) but her body just looks awkward and shaped in such a strange way

    • Anon

      I agree. I think her body looked best when during that time when she was with Bieber wearing that purple bikini.

  • blue

    She needs to stop drinking all that alcohol..thats why she so bloated…

  • cerenagee

    who cares what shape her body is and if its not perfect, whats wrong with you people? thats whats so great about selena! she doesnt try too hard to be like everyone else in Hollywood. tearing down another woman for having an imperfect body is disgusting. selena looks healthy and happy.

    • lol

      so ironic and kinda hypocritical of you.

      • cerenagee

        not at all sweety. I said Miley has a great body and should be proud of it hahaha

  • Bae

    Obvs the same person/hater needs to commemt.
    I dont see how anyone can hate on her body tho?
    Shes not too skinny. Shes not fat either. She looks like 80% of people/teens
    my god

    • jackiebee

      Honestly. I don’t understand how all these people feel the need to body shame. I can guarantee they aren’t near perfect. It’s easy to hate when you’re sitting behind a computer. I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t want to have her body.

  • lil

    She looks great, confident and happy with her body. That’s all that matters.
    Let the dogs(haters) barking. ;)

  • threelittlebirds

    for the way she eats, i think she has a pretty good body. but if she keeps up her bad eating habits and doesn’t work out, its gonna come back to haunt her.

  • Kristina

    those who keep bashing her, enough already. I mean maybe she´s not perfect in your eyes than why the hell would you even comment about her body or her eating habits. Not a fan of her either but commenting about a celebrity´s body is ridiculous. just think about it before you want to comment :)

    I kinda have the same body but flabbier Haha. Do you care? No didn´t think so.

    No Hate

  • kirsten

    her body isn’t horrible but i will say miley has a more toned body but to me demi probably has the sexiext t of them because she has curves and a ass but none of there bodies is horrible like selenas not fat at all shes just not toned neither is demi but miley is.But demi still has the hottest body of them because of her i have a body more like selenas but id die for mileys abs and demis curves lol

    • kay

      You really have no idea of how Demi biquini body looks right now, and Miley everyone saw at VMAs that it already looked better before. They don’t have a perfect body, but they aren’t on a pageant , miss universe or victoria secret contest, therefore their bodies are great

  • IGround

    She looks amazing. Can’t believe some people call that body “horrible”. I mean, what? Some may say something about the “toned” thing… but HORRIBLE??

  • BrokenArrow18

    Her body’s so weird lookin