Selena Gomez Priscilla Ahn ‘Dream’ Cover

Selena performing LIVE @ Sirius XM! Come & Get It under!

  • Hov

    I really don’t understand her fans saying she improved? I see no improving at all. She still is very low and whispering and her voice has no power neither emotion. She has no vocal range high notes are never reached and she is sitting still so it’s no excuse ‘she’s dancing’. When she sang Royals I really tried to defend her from people saying it was horrible, it was ok but really compared to Lorde insulting. Then Roar was just….now that was horrible. This is ok but nothing special, her voice is still nothing really better then before her performances prove it I don’t get her fans really. She should just stick to acting and leave music for real singers.

  • Guest

    Not impressed since her entire fanbase was bragging how great she was.
    She has a below average voice, hopefully she will focus on the movies at least she can somehow act in some movies and get better choices and leave music. The original is 10x better.

  • anon

    These are good performances. Nothing that would give her an award, but acceptable

  • Cici

    she sounded really good. she has the voice for acoustic settings. everyone dissecting her, and hating needs to stfu & keep your day job. she’s good at what she does.

    • moi

      I wasn’t expecting this, she did really, really good,

    • NMR

      You call that good?!$&@;:/- now a days kids know squat about music

      • Cici

        “Kids now a days” Lol, I bet you are barely legal. Gtfo. I’m not calling her Aretha Franklin good, but decent enough to perform live and not make me cringe? Uhm yeah, she is good.

    • G

      Lol you guys critized every aspect of miley and she 1000000000x better this what you guys support why you guys have really low standard about music and artist.

  • Cici

    id take this over Miley’s trainwreck vocals any day.

    • Bret

      Lol that how low your standards are about music at least miley has vocals and know music,the way Selena is how everyone sing in the shower with bad tone b

      • Cici

        It has nothing to do with my “standards” on music. You know nothing about me. The fact is Selena is an artist. She is not making it a life time career, it is simply a gig she is doing and profiting big time off of. So instead of using the over used phrase “she should stick to acting blah blah blah”, I’m giving it a chance. No she is not a Grammy award winning artist, or even close to that material, and I bet that is not her goal in life. But she is out there performing anyways. Get over it. She is quite famous, and that is not going to change anytime soon. She was given an opportunity, and she is doing with as best as she can. She is not that bad. We all have heard bad singers with American Idol audtions, and whatnot. Calm down.

    • lk

      Really? Then go listen to The Backyard Sessions maybe, sweetheart. What happens to Miley on Bangerz is that her voice is auto tuned because of the new STYLE of her new music. Country can’t be auto tuned, so yeah, go listen to the Backyard Sessions, in which Miley slays Selena 100000 times harder. Selena is a mediocre artist, that is if we can call that an artist. She’s just a pretty face, there are 10000 people better than her that don’t get the chance to be on the business because they’re not pretty enough.

      • Cici

        She’s wasting away.

  • km

    Seriously, the first video is awful. Poor girl, even I can sing better.

  • ashley

    Why is she a singer? i dont get it.

  • threelittlebirds

    I don’t think this performance is that bad. I think she’s better with acoustic performances, at least you can hear her.