Ariana Grande Right There Music Video

Ariana Grande debuted her new music video for ‘Right There’ ft. Big Sean accompanied by this Romeo & Juliet themed masquerade party, with Ariana playing Juliet and the gorgeous Patrick Schwarzenegger starring as Romeo. Debuting at #1 with her album Yours Truly on the iTunes charts, and the #1 album in 30 additional countries.


  • Pln

    That video was stupid that fan was annoying! And why does she have to be in the pool nearly kissing him? Yawn.

    • dlovCyr

      Probably cheated on Nath with this one as well.

      • ally

        i laughed more than i should at this comment lol i was thinking the same thing

      • dangerrr

        ahahahahahahahahahhahahah LOL, you read my mind.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    That whole fan thing was a bit of an over kill… Once or twice would have been ok, but the whole damn video?

    And as for Patrick, he’s better looking than I thought he would be..

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      agreed. I always thought his eyes were off for some-reason and I could never put my finger on it. But damn when he gets done up like this… I mean… He’s pretty good looking!

  • ally

    idk why but im so over her….

  • Jen

    I really wish she would change up her hair once in awhile or at least for her music videos. She always looks the same to me

  • kristina

    I feel like she´s everywhere. It´s too much. I prefer listen to her music without the music video. And what´s annoys me is that she´s posing too much with her face. Like this side or this side of the face.. if you know what I mean.

    • Luciana

      I totally agree with you. They make her look like she’s the best but she’s just fine :)

  • Jen

    I can’t really explain why but every time I see a video of her singing its feels more like I’m watching her take a selfie

  • Jen

    I can’t explain why but every time I watch a video of her singing it feels more like I’m watching her take a selfie.

  • boystan

    slay ariana carey

  • Truth

    Her songs all sound the same like mariah carey karaoke but lame lyrics and the same beat in every song. All she does is poses like “Im just a slut look at my eyes im a slut look at me”. And dont get me started on that ghetto wet back mexican twelve year old hair style. puke. Next.

    • true

      “that ghetto wet back mexican…” this part wasn’t even necessary and I actually agreed with you until this part. Just rude. You don’t need to bring racial slurs and your ignorance into it. educate yourself.

  • Tbh

    Ariana is just a mediacore singer thst TRIES to copy what Mariah CREATED. Thats sad but shell always be a wannabe karaoke singer. aka the next hannah montana.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      disagree tbqh. Just because she has the most flawfree and legendary voice like Mariah does not mean she is trying to copy Mariah. If someone else can hit the whistle tones like her, they would be doing it too — but quite frankly it’s such a rare thing. She is OWNING it. God knows Mariah hasn’t released anything remotely good like Ariana’s latest album in YEARS.

      • JJ

        I so agree. This is her debut album! Not bad. And she really knows music & music history. I agree with most that the video is poor in execution. That’s not her fault but the directors fault. As Ariana continues to slay and become well known to the general public the people around her must get better as well. better video directors, wardrobe stylist, back up dancers, etc.. Her best video is for her Popular song w.Mika. A complete storyline. Let Ariana enjoy her hairstyle for the rest of 2013 It’s different on Sam & Cat especially the color..I’m sure she’ll switch it up a little in 2014 : )

      • Duh

        Actually Mariah just released a new single that went platinum and she’s working on a new album.

  • Misha Collins

    She looks so awkward