blender is such a sweetie <3

    • amy


    • m

      lol she is fake. Did you knew that she abused an underage girl? blanda is a criminal pedophile and drug dealer

      • oui

        haha wow what else are you gonna talk made up things about blanda ? the drug thing is getting old now this? she abused a under age girl?please dont start that shit because nobody is stupid

        • Janie Richards

          except you

      • ty

        please dont start the drug thing is enough for us and that is not true

      • fgng



    sorry everyone we are still working on the site look, hopefully it’s a least faster :) <3

  • fhhh

    that is not blanda is a fan

    • dgrdr

      no blanda took the picture

      • fhhh

        haha oh ok i was confuse i am not finish reading

  • anon

    Joe is going to draw Blanda like Jack drew Rose in Titanic. That’s what Joe meant by doing “art”.

  • jillianrose

    Joe’s album was a bit uneven but had some great tracks on it. Love Slayer, Make You Mine and Take it and Run stack up just as good as anything currently on the radio. I hope he continues with good producers and other artists. He has great stage presence and a genuine, sweet personality that may shine through to acting roles with the right director and script. I am really pulling for him,

  • anon

    No doubt Nick is a talented musician but his personality is unlikeable. He’s like a green vegetable that is really good for you but no one likes. Joseph is a candy bar all the way.

    • Anonom

      lol are you hungry?

  • anon

    In the pictures of them coming out of GMA today, Joe looks like a movie star. His profile is beautiful.

    • anon

      Yeah I have a slight obsession with Joe’s profile, even though Nick and Kevin are handsome too. But Joe is just beautiful

      • anon

        and more my type

  • anon

    Nick is best suited to Broadway or as a less appealing, less commercial John Mayer type.

  • anon

    LMAO “This is Kevin, this is Wilmer and we are the Jonas Brothers”

    Joe replaced Nick with Wilmer