• JD

    I don’t know what to believe. I think him and Swift are really good friends. He has mentioned before that he doesn’t see them ever being a couple. But sometimes things change. The song kinda insinuates that Ed had a sudden realization. So that counts for something.

    Is Taylor good enough for Ed? I’m not sure. But if this song is really about her, despite the manager saying otherwise, she is one lucky gal. I love Ed Sheeran and hope only the best for him. :)

    Oh, and this article has written the speech and the lyrics down. And of course their take on the whole thing.

    And the song is called TENERIFE SEA, not “So In Love” as the fan who posted the youtube video guessed. But that was a good guess. :))

  • Old user

    OU, you should post more about Ed! Then I think a lot of Ed’s fans would come here! Maybe I would even return!