Harry Styles Cream Pie Fight + Crying

one-direction-melbourne (5)Harry Styles cried on stage in Melbourne. Does Harry like only older women? ‘It’s not about how old someone is, I don’t like old women, it’s not like a weird thing. It depends who I get on with, it doesn’t matter if they’re a little bit older than me.’

Harry is auctioning off the leopard print tee he wore to the Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer ’14 show on Hardlyeverwornit.com to raise money for the cracking cause which is UNICEF, to contribute towards transforming the lives of children in war-torn countries.

+ Niall dressed as a Teletubbie and pictures from Melbourne!


  • boystan


  • AJ

    Why the hell he’s crying?

    • Amy

      I think it is hitting him that tour is coming to and end. But that could be totally wrong.

      • AJ

        He looks so sad :(

        • Amy

          Yeah. But I can understand. I think this show was especially sad because it was the last show with 5SOS. The boys in One Direction have become incredibly close to them throughout this year on tour. Now they won’t be with them anymore.

          • Larry: It Hurts staying apart!

            LOL yeah right!!! you dunderheads!! Can’t you see he is looking Louis’s way whilst singing!! He is singing to him!! He is breaking down bcz of staying apart from him and instead of showing love for each other, to the world he is getting frustrated!! And all I blame on is, teenyboppers like you dumb arses, who just want him to be straight; like you will get his dick in your gobs any time soon yeah??!! -_- Let Larry free!!! They’re dying inside!!! FFS!

          • Amy

            …..All I can say is wow. Did any of our comments have anything to do with his sexuality? No. We never said he was straight. We never said that Larry wasn’t real. Slow your roll. I’m not a “teenybopper” and I highly doubt that the person I replied to is either. You are the one who is coming off as a teenybopper because of your immature attitude and your fantasies that you have deluded yourself in to thinking are real.
            You could be entirely correct that he is crying because of Louis, but you have no more proof to support that theory than anyone else has to support any other theory. Don’t act like you know everything. You don’t know them personally, so don’t make assumptions. I made it clear in my first comment that what I was saying was merely an opinion. You are acting like there is no doubt that was you are saying is wrong. You need to rethink that.

          • Guest

            Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend anyone’s opinion. I was overwhelmed at that moment.

          • Larry: It hurts staying apart!

            Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend anyone’s opinion. I was overwhelmed.

          • anony

            you look like you need help.

          • Larry: It hurts staying apart!

            Don’t you?? ;) lol everyone in this world needs help silly.

  • Larry: It hurts saying apart!

    He is crying because ‘he loves Louis the most and no one gets it’. And people like you keep saying ‘ oh maybe its his last gig that’s why’ LOL he don’t even give a word about his last gig, he’d actually be happy to get away from screaming maniacs, as he is a peaceful person, not a fame whore.

    • Amy

      Harry’s tweets after this show “Thank you Melbourne for letting us do that. It was an amazing last show. Australia you’ve been absolutely incredible. Thank you so much .x”
      “Also, thank you to all the crew who make the show happen, @5SOS , the band and all our Australian team. And of course, you, Dennis.”
      Are you still going to say that he said nothing about it being the last gig?
      And missing tour is not related to wanting to be “away from the screaming maniacs” and him not being “a fame whore”. You can enjoy not being on tour and miss it at the same time. The boys in One Direction love to perform, they love to put on shows. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have wanted to be professional singers. Performers love to have concerts. A lot of the time it is their favorite part of their job. Yes, I’m sure that he will really enjoy peaceful time to relax away from the spot light. Every performer does. But enjoying being on tour would not make him a fame whore. That makes no sense.
      I don’t understand your logic, especially since you claim to be a fan. It seems like you think they hate putting on shows and should never tour. That is ridiculous.

      • AJ

        Im gonna ignore the larry shit, im sorry for being rude but that makes me sick and there’s no respect for the boys when they talk about that. Amy , you seems so muchure, i like you and i like your thinking :) . Also i think harry and the boys are tired, really, they just need to go back home and relax.

      • Larry: It hurts staying apart!

        Okay professor. I do know him a bit and I agree with whatever you said. :)