Joe Jonas ‘I’m Not Addicted To Heroin’

Joe Jonas‘s full interview HERE with KISS 98.5, saying ‘The Jonas Brothers as a band is finished. Now as a status update for us individually is that we are really are excited for each other there’s a lot of opportunities and for career paths of our own and we are really excited for that and things coming up around the corner that you will be seeing soon.’

Joe Jonas on being an addicted to Heroin: ‘There’s been so many things you put underneath the table that you don’t want to talk about because it’s uncomfortable.. There’s rumors that pop up that are so ridiculous and we just sit here and laugh, and we’re a little bit used to it, but when it gets to the people that are close to us–that can really affect you and make you really upset..

I’m not addicted to heroin as people say these days. You know my girl is not on drugs, she has never touched heroin in her life or seen it. I’m happy and healthy!’ On Taylor Swift possibly breaking the Jonas Brothers apart: ‘I haven’t seen her in years so I don’t think its a possibility.


  • anon

    Here comes Team Blanda with their publicity campaign to appear sober.

  • anon

    I really don’t believe Joe is ADDICTED to heroin but there have been lots of sources saying he was abusing substances too much and it was interfering with the Jonas Brothers. I always thought that if it weren’t for his family Joe would have perferred to go the way of Miley or Justin Bieber, party and get wild for awhile. I think he has felt restricted by his family and the Jonas name.

    • anon

      Agreed. I see him doing an album like Bangerz but the guy version of it. Something like Jongerz or something.

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      Like why doesn’t he address why he was hanging with that guy from that rehab/treatment center?!!?

  • Fucked up anons

    Can you two anons fuckin stop!!!! You two are fucked up get a fuckin life do something and stop hating pathetic asshole

    • anon

      we cant stop and we wont stop.

  • Sarah

    We know cu we trust him and Blanda IS good for him I love them togeth

  • mememe

    Praise the Lord!
    he finally adressed the rumor.
    Anyone else thinks his voice sounds like he cried before calling the radio station? :(

    • anon

      No, he just sounds tired to me.

  • SweetSweetLife

    If it wasn’t true, why not just deny these rumors from the beginning? I don’t buy it… he did smack. IDGAF about Eggs, she wears SPANX! hahahahaha

  • anon

    I still think something went down for Nick to decide last minute to hold a meeting and discuss disbanding. After they record a CD, plan a whole tour, rehearse, etc. Something big happened for them to come to this decision last minute. We may never know or it may leak at some point.

    • RedneckAtHeart

      Are you kidding? They aren’t men enough to own up to the real reason.

      • in jesus name i pray amen

        agreed. they still think they can parade around following this little ‘christian/innocent’ game. Like sorry, you guys aren’t innocent.

    • Julia

      If you watch there GMA interview they literally admitted Nick wanted to hold a meeting about him going in a different direction. It’s Nick thats got too big for he’s boots and want more money going solo. Don’t know why, he failed at it last time.

  • Anon

    News flash! Who would admit that them and their gf are addicted to drugs?! Pretty much nobody. And with the people she hangs out with are we really suppose to believe she’s never even seen heroin?? And how is would he know she’s never touched or seen it in her life?? he hasn’t been with her that long and people are good liars. Obviously she good at lying to him but I can see past her bullshit.

    • XaskTaylorX

      It’s been a year so you know….

      • Anon

        just cause it’s been a year doesn’t mean he knows very bad thing she’s done. people act like she’s some saint that does no wrong, but she’s the complete opposite.

        • XaskTaylorX

          We don’t know her full backstory, but she has been in more drama filled stories than any other girlfriend. Maybe she will come clean and tell us who she really is. Idk..:

          • Anon

            That’s what I’m saying. I don’t know why the fact that she has been the common denominator for so many rumors and caused so much trouble isn’t a red flag to everybody. I honestly don’t trust her.

  • anon
    • ty

      wow joe jonas were boots wow i melting inside

  • anon
  • anon

    Im going to stan Nick and his arrogance now, I’m so fed up with the Janda fans!

  • Shanghai

    Still think there is something they are not telling the fans. If it was just a music difference surely you would be professional enough to finish the tour then break up – make it a farewell tour for the really great fans that made them and supported them all these years.

    • Pixita

      Really great fans? You wouldn’t now it based on the comments here.

  • Ee

    that was a lie joe jonas is not in drugs wow some people like made up crap those losers i hate people when say something that is not true

  • kk

    Blanda no es un drogadicto??? jajajaja Joe eres un mentiroso de mierda al igual que la puta de la grieta. Ella es un fumador hardcore y hace las drogas también. Todos sus amigos son drogadictos. ¿Crees que somos tontos? Vi las fotos de ellos hacen las drogas. blanda borrado sus imágenes a diferencia natashia ho pero sus amigos todavía tienen fotos y mayas (que es un adicto a la coca-cola) dijo en su facebook que estaba haciendo coca y beber vodka cuando estaba en la semana de la moda en Nueva York. (y ella estaba con Blonda toda la semana)

    Un aplauso para quien hizo esta foto

  • kk

    Blanda isn’t a druggie??? hahahaha Joe you’re a fucking liar just like that crack whore. She is a hardcore smoker and does drugs too. All her friends are druggies. Do you think we are fools? I saw the pictures of them do drugs. blanda deleted her pictures unlike natashia ho but her friends still have pictures and Maya (who is a coke addict) said in her facebook that she was doing coke and drinking vodka when she was in the fashion week in NYC. (and she was with Blonda all that week)

    A round of applause for whoever made this picture

    • amy

      you’re a freak. Get help

    • anon

      okay this is funny

  • jj456

    My heart breaks for Joe who had to deal with these nasty rumors on top of all the fighting with his brothers. He looked absolutely devastated on GMA. I believe he was blindsided by this. I don’t think it was his decision to end them. I wish him the best of luck and I hope he gets the most success just to stick it to his arrogant prick, Nick! TEAM JOE!

  • TPO

    Wishing only the best for Joe. When Nick is around he doesn’t perform to the best of his ability. I think all his life he felt upstaged by his younger brother thanks to his family acting like Nick was the prodigal son and ignoring any talent Joe had. It was always hard to watch. I think Joe has a lot to prove and I think when push comes to shove he knows how to work for what he wants. He’s got a great voice (I’ve heard it in person) and think he could surprise people with his acting abilities.

    • keu

      I always had the impression that Joe was supposed to be the leader, at least in the beginning. I remember one of their first videos, Kids of the Future I think… Joe was always in the middle, and was the most noticeable. Also, depending on the song he used to sing the most. I just have the impression that Disney wanted JOE to be the main vocalist, don’t know if that was because of his personality, or if Nick was still too shy…

      • anon

        Joe was always the frontman of the Jonas Brothers. He was the heartthrob of the band and the lead singer. Joe had the looks Disney wanted (he was the one Disney wanted in the first place) and the personality. It was only this year when Nick tried to be frontman with Joe, but I dont think Nick has frontman qualities like Joe. :/

        • JJ456

          I think this is the root of the rift. Nick wanted to be the frontman from the beginning. What upsets me is that Joe gave up so many opportunities for Nick but Nick had no problem breaking things up when he got other things planned. I don’t think the Jonas brothers would’ve been such a huge superstars without Joe.

  • M


  • XaskTaylorX

    On Taylor Swift possibly breaking the Jonas Brothers apart: ‘I haven’t seen her in years so I don’t think its a possibility.‘

    They have talked, but who was the smart person to even talk about this? Like seriously! That’s not even something to ask because it does not make sense. Oh well. It’s still sad.