‘Jonas Brothers Are Smart To Breakup’

Jonas Brothers are smart to breakup, reports Rolling Stone: ‘The Jo Bros haven’t been a real commercial force since sometime around 2009, and the rise of Justin Bieber and One Direction made them wildly irrelevant to all but the most die-hard fans. Back in 2008, they sold out arenas all over the country in seconds, but by last summer they were struggling to fill amphitheaters. A show this past July at Toronto’s Molson Ampitheater (capacity 16,000) sold a mere 6,000 seats, and many of those people got discounted tickets via Groupon.

I’m sure the inevitable furious commenters on this article will disagree, but the Jonas Brothers were spiraling down towards the state fair and club circuit. The singles from their (supposedly) upcoming album V failed to do much of anything, and the mainstream media didn’t pay them the least bit of attention until rumors began swirling that they were breaking up.

With ticket and albums sales quickly vanishing, the Jonas Brothers faced some tough choices. They could either continue playing to a rapidly diminishing audience and face some sort of Backstreet Boys situation, or they could pull a Fall Out Boy and call it quits. They went for the latter option, and for the first time in recent memory they were trending on Twitter and getting flooded with media requests. What group goes on Good Morning America days after they break up? That’s not usually how these things go down, unless it’s part of a larger plan.

The Jonas Brothers are pleading ‘musical differences,’ but if their last few singles had topped the charts we imagine these differences would suddenly vanish. This move paves the way for their inevitable reunion tour. They just need to wait until the tweens of 2007 start feeling nostalgic. That’ll probably be sometime around 2020, but odds are high they won’t be able to wait that long.

  • anon

    It’s true, the Toronto concert had very few people. Which was why it felt so rushed. I think it was smart decision too but it was done terribly.

    • Chelsea

      Um no it wasn’t the show was packed I was there there was a lot of seats in the 400 n lawn but ALOT of the seats where gone and it was a fucking heat wave that’s why it was rushed bc fans where passing out so ovi u where asleep when there or didn’t go to it

  • Ee

    no jonas brothers dosent have tweens fans only they have teens young adults and adults fans dont put things that you dont know



  • VNO1

    If anyone thinks the drama of the last few weeks was planned they have to be nuts. The look on Joe’s face lately was one of anger and hurt. Kind of happens when one member of a band has his ego informing him that he’s better and more talented than the others. Bonnie Mckee spent all that time rehearsing, fans bought tickets, Ocean Grove and other band members planned their lives around this little tour. That’s all right. What goes around comes around.

  • gngnj

    sorry but jonas brothers dosent sing to little kids anymore like tweens they sing mature song buy the way the are adults they have adults fans tweens fans for them are over because they are adults

  • GirlFromYourDreams

    AMEN To this whole article. It’s exactly what I’ve been saying! People that I work with that are in their mid 20’s went crazy when Fall Out Boys announced their tour and new music! The took off work and school just so they could buy tickets the moment they went on sale.

    They were all acting like they were hormonal teens again. People love to relive the glory days. Come 2018/19 they can start up with rumors of being back in the studio.

    Plus by then the fan will have matured and not care about who they boys are dating. Similar to Justin Timberlake’s current fan base.

    Even if one of them because super big they could still have a reunion. Look how crazy people went when Destiny’s Child reunited.

  • ty

    haha jonas brothers are not infants to sing for kids and tweens you know tweens dosent know about music yet

  • anon

    Nick is jealous of Joe. Joe has always dated girls, Nick had crushes on. This is Nick’s vengeance on Joe.

    • Amy

      Because that really seems like something that men in their 20’s would break up a band over. right.

  • JUG

    I know their tickets sold at a big discount on Groupon for the Toronto show so I’m pretty surprised they only sold 6000 out of 16,000 tickets. You have to wonder how accurate the “inside sources” were when they said that the now cancelled tour sold well. Maybe the musical differences line was just an excuse to cancel a poor selling tour? Who knows. Hopefully Nick and Joe’s solo CDs and concerts will do better. I really don’t want them to have to do State Fairs and clubs after selling out Stadiums in 2008. So much has changed in 5 years. I hope they all saved the money they made while they were hot.

    • Amy

      They just lost a lot of money because of canceling the tour. Supposedly it cost them millions.

    • Chelsea

      They sold more then that I was at the Toronto show I would have said 11,000 bc it was packed the lawn was dead and that’s where the sale tickets where for. the Toronto show had Canadians girls from Buffalo and Girls from Mexico the Toronto show if u saw the seating chart the 100s 200s where all gone and had 10 seats in the 300s left the 400 and lawns where all that where left to Rolling stone needs better sources

  • arseholes

    I mean I agree I think they have run their course but they did it in such a shitty way and really have yet to apologize for creating all this hype for a tour and album only to disappoint the people that DO still follow them when they just decide to drop it

    • JUG

      When you put it that way it does not seem very Christian of them but I’m sure they prayed long and hard before making such a big decision and that God told them it was time for the Jonas Brothers to take a brief break from performing and make a big comeback in 2020. Maybe they can take the time off to continue spreading the gospel, to encourage the strong Christian values they preached during the height of their fame.

  • onegirl

    I remember when the jonas brothers were just starting to give justin bieber advice on worldwide fame … my how the tables have turned

  • shanghai

    Sadly they took a break at the totally wrong time in their career when they were at the top! Pretty impossible to relaunch once your fans have grown up and moved on. Hated Pom Poms it was trashy and sexist video and I was disappointed because they are good singers and performers and had hoped it would be something new and different to appeal to maturing fans. Good luck in their various new ventures.

  • anon

    I think they did the math and realized the tour was NOT selling enough to make money, maybe they would lose money. The singles from V didnt do well and they would lose money releasing the CD. So what was the point to continue…

  • Misha Collins

    I only liked Nick when he was with Miley. He seems so controlling and boring though.

  • Rosemary

    That’s why artists should never take breaks
    Actually, never mind. Plenty of bands/singers have taken breaks before and they’re still huge