• pandapower415


  • maybe

    next Amanda Bynes is here!

    • hm

      I’m sorry, but Amanda Bynes look better than this. Miley desperately needs to put her makeup and and crazy clothes back on!

  • anon

    Liam drove her to insanity.

  • wow

    Honestly, she looks extremely boring in these and the other “wig” photos she posted. Even the purple wig can’t make her look interesting. It’s not that she’s ugly, she’s just…verrrry average! And so is her music. I was against her new personality, but I totally get it now…she NEEDS the crazy act to attract attention cause she’s nothing special without it. I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing, but hey at least she realizes that she’s not a great talent and she needs a marketing scheme to sell.

    • :)

      Honestly, I’m thinking it’s either a photoshoot or a music video. Oh and she’s very talented in case you didn’t hear. That’s what everyone says who works with her and that includes her godmother the queen of country Dolly Parton.

      If you think you can do better then get your ass in the studio and do it, bitch.

      • Alii

        Turns out it was for her costume. Which is also, what wow was saying, a scheme for attention. $$$

        • :)

          It’s a fucking halloween costume. Do you know how celebs post pictures of themselves in their costumes.

          And she looked awsome as Lil’ Kim.

    • ty

      she the most talented and most successful of all Disney girls in general. selena is a joke she cant sing, she not a very good performer and she not a very good actress, demi she might have good vocals but she sucks on stage and something is missing in demi, while miley has it all vocals,she owns the stage, she veery creative on her stage as well check miley concerts and dem and selena, miley kicks both of their butts on that! miley is passionate about her art and she expressed and everyone in the music industry who has work with her has praise her talents and her professionalism. you all put excuses but she proof her talent when she was 12 and with no gimmicks like you say.. when you all going to realized she is good at what she does haters, stop been on denial she so good she keeps you watching her as you can see haters cant keep their eyes of her.

  • Rosemary

    Is she gonna start wearing that wig from now on?

  • anony

    her pupils are so dilated, i’m so worried :(