Miley Cyrus Random Sex To Ease Pain

Miley finally admits: ‘I need help!’ The trouble star hits rock bottom and it’s worse than anyone knows: Random hookups to numb her pain, scary obsession with drugs, constant tears over losing Liam and the moment she realized she had become a national joke!

IMPORTANT: Miley is going to star in a Super Bowl TV commercial in an ad for Wonderful Pistachios, reports The Enquirer: ‘Miley’s deal will top even last year’s record-breaking $3.8 million per 30-second Super Bowl commercial spot for Wonderful Pistachios that starred Gangnam-style dance maniac, PSY, also scored a big payday It’s a multimillion-dollar Super Bowl ad, she’d be nuts to turn it down.’

  • cerenagee

    Hopefully she actually does get the help she needs. I’m so over her antics. She disgusts me. She is no way at all a good role model for young girls. Her pumpkin carvings? Disgusting.

    • tor

      I think she doing fine, this is lies is a gossip magazine cant you tell the difference? she doing great she is working hard and she very professional everyone has said she a workaholic and she very talented and extremely nice for someone so famous. Liam I think she was just tired of him letting her down and probably she might feel reliveved to gotten rid of him and his lies, probably why she feel a heavy weight has lifted now she knows is over and she can go back to work, I mean honestly she was dedicated to a relationship and left everything to try to work things out but he was ungreatful and she never really seem happy with him. Now she looks like she is happy and this is all lies, she made a huge comeback which is hardd to do as you can see what happen to the Jonas they try to come back and failed selena is a nobody without Justin or her best friend she not talented enough to bring the fans miley brings out and demi has good vocals but is boring on stage, so I have to give miley props because she had the media against her, haters always hating,a break up with a long term relationship, her engagement broken,her idols batching her and constantly writing negative letters about her, her parents almost divorce and cheating father, and thru all that she came back stronger than ever and wiped eveeyone butts and annihilated the competiton. she admirable and she knew exactly how to do it, that what you call a great business woman .

      • cerenagee

        Miley doesn’t look happy. You’re out of your mind or you’re oblivious to how Molly/Ecstasy/Weed makes you act. When you’re doing any of these 3 you’re happy as hell. I used to roll all the time, rolling means doing E/Molly, and it makes you sooo happy and makes you think you’re so focused and all this stuff. You’re not. It’s the illusion of the drug. The way she talks about herself, so arrogantly and highly as if she’s a God, is something that Molly totally makes you do. She’s a drugged out whore who is spiraling down a very dangerous path. No fucking shit she’s gonna say idgaf I’m happy I do what I want shes Miley fucking Cyrus. She’s already created this image that she doesn’t give a fuck so why would she admit she’s anything but fucking ecstatic? She needs fucking help bad.

        • :)

          Sweetie, do you what the word whore means?

          • cerenagee

            Haha I’m 20 years old yes I know what the word whore fucking means hahaha Miley is the epitome of a whore! Have you seen her Halloween costume? Once again going cray with the pasties. It’s trashy and yes she’s acting like a whore. There are ways to be sexy and show skin without looking like a trashy skank. And you say “enough with the role model shit” dude hop off. She’s the one CLAIMING she thinks she’s a good role model and empowering for women hahaha hope off Miley’s jock and open your fucking eyes.

          • :)

            You’re 20 — LMFAO!!!!!!!!

          • cerenagee

            Yes cuz thats something to laugh about right?

          • .

            And Miley is also 20.. When did age become funny? The fuck!

    • :)

      You say you’re so over her antics and she disgust’s you but you’re on her every post commenting about her. SMH!!!!!! And get the fuck over the role model shit already. You sound like a broken record.

  • lols

    Yeah, right but who’s the source? Days ago she was still boasting about being soo happy. Plus, everyone knows the guy on the pic is Cheyne and he’s gay, they’ve been friends for years and he also used to hang out with Miley while she was on relationship with Liam. No one saw a problem with that, no one thought she could be cheating, because he’s GAY.

    • anon

      Cheyne is NOT gay. At least that’s what he said on his twitter

  • :)

    So Miley finally admits she needs help and has hit rock bottom (lmao) but then she’s offered a multimillion-dollar superbowl commercial ad. Gossip cop has already confirmed that the in-touch article is not true.

  • .

    I don’t care how untrue this article is. She does need help.

  • sherry

    GossipCop just debunked this BS.. Nice try but all Lies

  • Alii


  • fredrik

    The laws in the US seems so weird to me, when you talk about someone on TV you have to remember to say “allegedly” but if you’re gonna put people on the cover of a magazine, you can say whatever you want. This In Touch magazine is so fucking ridiculous, everything’s LIES.

  • true

    although i dont believe this magazine at all, i will say that miley does need help. its her fucking job to at like her life is amazing and doing great and rainbows and molly. when really a lot of these stars in the entertainment industry are spiraling down badly. They’re just selling you an IMAGE to make you think you know them and keep buying their shit. only oblivious people can not see this girl needs help. too bad shes the cash cow for a lot of people right now.