Selena Gomez Sunrise Florida Sultry

selena-gomez-sunrise-sultry (1)
Selena Gomez featured in Jared Leto’s City Of Angels short film under!

  • cute

    …and SOME people were/are saying Selena is less attractive than Miley! Bitch please! Look at the photo above and look at any candid photo of Miley…yeah no way in heeeelll is Miley more attractive! She’s so boring looking without her makeup and stylist! She needs that shit desperately to look interesting. Sel always looks good! And yes I know Sel’s not the best singer. I’m just talking about looks and charisma.

    • rose

      lolll selena has a baby face with a 12 year old body!

      • Silver

        Selena does not really care about that anyway…. Although we all know she is gorgeous even without make up. I like Selena, Miley too but nowadays not so much.