Miley Cyrus Gets Rowdy W/ Paris Hilton

miley-paris (u3)

  • XaskTaylorX

    Miley reminds me of Amanda Bynes for some reason… Amanda and Lil Kim? 0___o

  • :)

    SAYS WHO??????

  • wow

    Must be a very slow news day OU. But I guess you’re gonna try and brainwash your minions to believing what you post is true. I swear this site is run by the same bitch who runs hollywood life. Sad world we live in.

  • Clauber

    Paris is still partying like teenager, she better get away from miley cuz she is a real disaster

    • :P

      you KNOW you need to get your shit together when you’re posing with paris hilton, and you’re the more “troubled” one.
      hahaha! take note slutty cyrus!

  • you go slutty cyrus!

    2 sluts together!

    at the party they played a game, “who’s the biggest hoe of them all?” and these two were finalists
    (OBVVVVVVV it goes without saying that slutty cyus won the title, hands down easily) :) yay go miley! #1 slut in the world :D

    • anon

      wtf? someone is a bit overwhelmed

    • jikx

      “Slutty Cyrus”? Hahaha, what are you, 10?

  • cerenagee

    Paris is the last person Miley should be hanging out with. Paris is a coke whore, Miley needs to stay away.

    • anon

      I remember how Britney ended after she began hang out with Paris. I don’t know if she is a drug user but she is for sure a enabler

      • cerenagee

        I feel like Paris is one of those rich girls that other celebs really want to hang out with for some reason and I could totally see Miley like being so stoked to have Paris as a friend. Enabler fersure.