Selena Gomez Leopard Print Lover

selena-leopard-print (109)+ Tampa concert pictures, meet & greets. Selena looks beautiful while talking about answering the same interview questions over and over again under!

  • cerenagee

    She is so cute I love it! I’m jealous of how thick and gorgeous her hair is. I love Selena<3

    • Nina

      Called her extentions if u are rich go and buy them your hair will be the same and better! Without all her fancy stuff selena would like any normal B high school girls not even the hot ones! Remmber how she looked back in 2008 and 2007

      • Nina

        Hair *

      • cerenagee

        mmm idk her hair was still pretty think on wizards of waverly place. I mean I don’t doubt she does wear extensions but even on her first hannah montana episode her hair was thick.

        • Nina

          I guess thats her real hair

  • Seriously

    Whenever she makes that dumb duck face she looks so annoying and like this typical mean girl from high school LOL. I don’t know just looks bitchy, she is far more beautiful with a simple smile without trying so hard. And those extensions are so obvious she should just get them off and do her own hair.

    • Silver

      get help.

  • Pixita

    Bag of assholes

  • Lover

    I wonder who pay for selena ‘s cousin ? She goes with her every fucking where ! I bet selena pays her livings

    • anon

      if she helps Selena she deserves be paid for that.

      • Silver

        she does help…. she is the one who tells her what the people are saying and keeps check on her publicity stuff. so yeah, she deserves it. plus they are cousins… she probably misses hanging out with her all the time.