Taylor Swift 8 American Country Noms

International music legend Taylor Swift is nominated for 8 American Country Awards to air @ 8 PM EST on December 10: Artist Of The Year, Artist Of The Year Female, Single Of The Year Female – Begin Again, Single Of The Year Vocal Collaboration – Highway Don’t Care, Touring Artist Of The Year, Music Video Of The Year – Begin Again, Music Video Of The Year Female – Begin Again, Song Of The Year – Highway Don’t Care

  • Anon

    She’s no country artist anymore

    • dangit

      Real artists don’t generalize music, shes not “cross-over” shes a real musician who writes MUSIC not POP music or COUNTRY music. just m u s i c.

    • Julia

      The two songs she’s been nominated for are of the country genre so she can be nominated as a country artist :) by i agree to a latter extent her music is now more pop than country.

  • Anon

    I feel like it’s a little insulting to other country artists when she gets nominated for all these things cause she’s mainly leaning towards pop more than country these days. I love her music but I feel bad for other country artists who always lose to her even though she writes songs that are more pop than country.

  • XaskTaylorX

    That’s great! Hopefully she pulls back into this genre. It’s kind of weird with her more pop than country…

  • alysha

    She’s not a country artist anymore. There are so many talented country artists out there that truely deserve the awards that she’s taking from them. It was her choice to switch into top 40 and pop and I think that the CMA organization should give it to those sticking to their roots

  • Anon


  • RegReach

    She is no a country artist adding a few twang and banjo des not make it country
    her awards are LIES