Joe Jonas Crunk Halloween Costume

Joe as James Franco + Nick and Kevin’s costumes.

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  • anon

    Joe has big hands.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    Oh Nick, you keep thinking that..

  • anon

    Why does Nick need to publicize how “cool” he is for not celebrating Halloween? Just don’t wear a costume. You don’t need to wear a shirt to tell people that. What a douchebag. I’m so glad this band is over.

    • Anna

      Omg he was trying to be funny. I feel like you have hated on him on like every topic that is written about him. Seriously are you that obsessed with hating someone that you can’t get a damn life. Gosh just go away!

  • Anonnn

    Well anon that proves that joe has a big dick

  • cerenagee

    haha Joe looks awesome. Nick is so aloof. I love him lol

  • ashleyofcourse

    omg nick gtfo lmao
    no one cares if you look silly, its halloween.
    good luck with acting, you need to be vulnerable. which i doubt he’ll allow himself to be…

  • JJ456

    LOL, I love your costume, Joe!

  • parishiltonsbff
  • parishiltonsbff


    • claudface_delrey

      omfg i’m crying

  • emjonas23

    Joe’s costume is making me laugh! XD