Liam Payne Dancing W/ A Boy In Tokyo

one-direction-japan-pictures (10)For boystan :) + the boys in Japan with Katy Perry & Zayn w/ a baby!

  • boystan

    i love you ou

  • boystan

    that was me

  • shawn

    They were taking a pic, if you watch the other video on youtube you see it from a front view.

  • ——

    Pause it at 0:03 a lot of people on the youtube comments are saying that they’re just trying to hear each other cause its loud in the club. idk about you but most straight men wouldn’t caress another guys face and then later put their hands on their waste.

    • Kamikapse

      hands on theri WASTE? That sounds pretty messy.

  • anony

    what if all this time its been a huge plot twist

    its not larry thats real

    harrys not gay

    ……its lilo