Miley, ‘Let My Birthday Month Begin’

miley-birthday-month (1)
Miley Tweeted: ‘Let my birthday month begin’.

  • cerenagee

    Is she seriously pulling out her other boob? Oh god.

    • blue

      U my friend are a big time HATER….so sad:(

      • :)

        Totally agree with ya!

        • cerenagee

          You act like Miley is your bestfriend haha hop off hahaha

      • cerenagee

        Hahaha thats fine with me. You’re right. I do hate on me Miley for pulling her tits out and becoming this desperate attention seeking slut that she now is. Sorry but I miss the Miley that sang Bottom of the Ocean. Pulling your tits out is not classy or cute.

        • anon

          I don’t think she’s pulling her tits out… You’re just trying to find something wrong to criticize her. She actually looks like a mermaid in this pic :) Fuck off, loser.

          • cerenagee

            Then you’re literally blind because she is pulling one tit out. In her other pictures there is one boob completely covered. She’s pulling it out.

    • lovejonases

      Girl, I’m sorry to say, but you’re really obsessed with Miley. You comment on ALL of her posts all the time. That’s exactly what she wants, people talking about her, no matter if they’re bashing. Cause you’re probably going to add one more view in her next music video just so you can criticize her.

      • cerenagee

        I actually love Miley’s music. I loved the shit out of her before she started acting out like this and I think its sad and tasteless. I comment on pretty much every post that isn’t 1D so being obsessed with miley’s invalid. I’m just obsessed with Oceanup. When she does trashy things I say my opinion. You guys dont have to agree with it and it doesnt mean its true. the whole point of a gossip blog is to hear opinions. when she does something good i credit her. I thought her vogue shoot was amazing and she looked stunning and since you all keep tabs on me go look at the OU post and you’ll see I’m saying how beautiful she is. I’ve always said I hate that Miley acts this way I hate that she’s acting like a whore now.

  • Ninjya

    yay it’s my birthday month too

  • :)

    You sexy bitch!!!!!

    Happy Birthday to everyone who has one in November!!!!

  • Mirela

    If Miley claims to be this self-proclaimed druggie whore, why is she so afraid to LITERALLY go NAKED? No cover-ups. No pasties. No underwear. No foam finger. No angles to hide it. LITERALLY naked. Why is she afraid? If that does happen, she will be an international joke.

  • why the fuck should you care

    I guess it’s just too hard for Miley “fans” to realize that some people that criticize her actually DO LIKE HER as well, but they’re just sad to see what she has become. I honestly don’t know how somebody could support her when she acts this trashy. Now, this ain’t even the “hater” talking – it’s the rest of the world. Go read reliable gossip websites and check their comments section: everybody thinks Miley is nothing but an attention whore.
    Personally, I think she’s more than that, but I can’t deny that’s how she’s portraying herself to be. There’s nothing “liberating” or “feminist” about going to a party LIKE THAT and wearing the outfits she wears in general. You can be slutty, but at least be a classy one…which is not her case. Drugs as well? Really. Too fucking bad she doesn’t want to be Hannah anymore – she still has Hannah fans, and yes they’re stupid enough to be influenced by her actions. So she could think twice before selling drugs as if they were candy.
    We all just miss the old Miley :) Hannah or not, she had MORALS, and to see how she lost that is just sad. I remember there’s an interview of her and Hilary Duff, that Duff calls her or something and Miley says something like “thank you for being a good role model, for showing it’s possible” whatever I don’t remember what exactly, but still, it wasn’t Hannah, it was a REAL MILEY INTERVIEW in which she said she praised good role models. Now, what happened to that?