Olivia Culpo SINGING Urgant Show

Olivia Culpo is currently recording her debut album with boyfriend Nick Jonas producing. Do YOU think that Olivia will go on tour with Nick Jonas & The Administration next year? Do YOU like how her voice sounds?


    Nolivia & The Administration Tour 2014! <3

    • JC


  • wow

    OLIVIA CULPO is the definition of a fame whore

    • JC


    • Jonatic

      she not is recording an album, this song was recorded in 2012 and now recording in Russian version, Nick Jonas is not producing anyone at this time.

    • GirlFromYourDreams

      #VideoGirl ” When a man loves a womanDeep down in his soulShe can bring him such miseryIf she is playing him for a foolHe’s the last one to knowLoving eyes can never see”

      • Lorde

        Are you high?

  • Kristen

    of course she sings. so pathetic. shows even more that she’s just using nick.

    • JC

      AMEN TO THAT!!

  • .

    TBH, I can’t find any fucks to give about her.

  • anon

    she’s not recording an album that’s a rumor.

  • anonymous

    she sounds auto tuned and i find it highly coincidental she starts dating him as her miss universe reign is coming to an end and she would have to go back to being average. she dates nick for a few months, gets in the spotlight, has him produce an album….it’s just all too convenient. she’s just trying to stay relevant

    • anon

      If she wanted to be relevant she would be dating Niall Horan, not Nick Jonas.

      • ashleyofcourse

        part of it is having the other party want to date her.
        plus my baby niall is like 5 so i dont think thatd work loll

        • anon

          hahaha I only said Niall cause she interviewed 1D a few months ago and Niall was flirting with her. Not saying Nick isn’t famous cause he is, but if she was such a famewhore like Jonas fans want to say she would be dating a member of One Direction because they’re the current fad. It’s obvious that she’s dating Nick cause she finds him attractive and she likes his personality and duh it doesnt hurt that he’s famous and rich.

      • This bitch…

        Was Niall Horan the host of that contest show? No? Shut up then.

  • JC


  • JC


    • GirlFromYourDreams

      ” When a man loves a womanDeep down in his soulShe can bring him such miseryIf she is playing him for a foolHe’s the last one to knowLoving eyes can never see”

  • Pinkygal <3

    Nick, you still mean the world to me <3

  • Pinkygal <3

    I wish I could talk to you..

  • anon

    Idk about Olivia’s voice but Nick sounds like a dying cat most of the time.

  • ashleyofcourse

    honest opinion:
    she sings a little better than selena
    but shes not that great
    she could take the selena route
    -look pretty
    -sing average
    -have catchy songs written for you
    i can see her having tons of fans. but she’d just have to pick a theme.

    • anon

      You forgot that Selena already had all a fanbase coming from WOWP. It is not that easy

      • ashleyofcourse

        true true.
        but hey she has some nick fans and beauty pageant girls….well actually thats not enough lol

  • XaskTaylorX

    Still followed her on Instagram before she started dating Nick. All I’m saying.

  • loadofcrap

    he’s not producing her album. she sang a cover of emin’s song with him, that’s it.

  • no.

    no im sorry i just cant with this right now….

  • GirlFromYourDreams

    This girl’s goal in life is to be famous.. She’s made that very clear. She doesn’t care how: acting, singing, who dates. She’s wants her name in lights, shes not in itfor the love of the craft.

    Post like this are exsactly what she wants. So if you really dislike her don’t comment on anything she’s in. Even if you want to comment negatively. Publicity is publicity. Even if it is negative.

    Shut her out. Let her name die.

  • andy

    olivia GOMEZ!!!! lol

  • Tess

    TBH i dont like her voice at all. I expected a sweet kind of voice, not this deep man voice lol . She’s so using Nick Jonas to become more famous, can’t believe he’s too blind to see that himself

  • hastingsfaith

    If you’re miss universe , please stay as miss universe and don’t do this to my ears . Pathetic .

    2 words


  • BangBang

    She is lacking in stage presence so she probably wouldn’t even be able to entertain an audience for an entire concert.

    • ashleyofcourse

      i was hoping someone would notice that hahaaa
      i feared if i said it people would think im just hating. but alas, this girl really doesnt know what to do.
      mainly because she lacks the passion for the craft.
      which also shows she may not be a great actress either cause she couldnt act like she has stage presence.
      but good luck to her. unless she has false intentions….

      • BangBang

        Haha, it was the first thing I noticed!

  • Tina

    This was all lip syncing like she didn’t even sing into the mic the right way….or hold the notes

  • anon

    She was not only auto tuned up the kazoo. What was with her performance moves and she stands so awkwardly with her.legs always spread so far apart.

  • http://twitter.com/mosborn03 Mimi

    uuuugghhhhhh not another delta. nick should stop going for looks and start going for who really cares about him. then i’d actually have a shot lmao