Lorde ‘F*ck No’ David Guetta Collab

In an article on FasterLouder, Ella Yelich O’Connor – as she’s known outside of music – went deep with writer Duncan Grieve, who spent the better part of six months following her between studio sessions, label meetings and shows for the longform profile Lorde: Pop’s New Ruler. So he knows, then, just how she felt about the news that perennial chart-troubler David Guetta wants her on his next album. Ella’s response? “No. Fuck no. He’s so gross.”

That’s not to say Lorde isn’t open to working with big dance names. Diplo’s her “dream producer” (and she’s got a standing invitation to a writing camp for the next Major Lazer album) and she “loves” Future Classic wunderkind Flume, whom she was asked to open for in the US just before Royals exploded. “I can’t tell if it’s cool or not,” she said of the offer. “’Cause it’ll just be heaps of kids on pills.” The joint tour never happened, but if Twitter’s to be believed, the pair are planning on hitting the studio together to make some “bangerzzz” soon.

  • lol

    Well, that was mean.

  • RegReach

    This girl is such a bitch, geez don’t you want to expan your catalogue of music a bit

  • fugly

    I’m glad she’s doing what she’s doing, this rat will flop soon

  • lols

    She needs to understand that she CAN’T keep doing these rude commentaries on celebs/producers/business people. She’s talented? Yes. But she’s too arrogant.

  • Alii

    Good for her! She’s not a sellout. I’m sure every artist would kill to work with her. She’s very self-aware and has her reasons.

    • lols

      Good for her? I think your admiration for her is making you a little blind. There’s nothing positive on that comment. I hope that this is not true, because if it is, I’ll totally lose respect for her. It’s totally nice to say what you think and be opinionated, as long as you make CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and not bring people down. She’s basically bullying David, which is so not cool. This way no one will want to work with her.

      • :)

        She’s more than a little blind!! She applauds this one for making bold statements but then will criticize anyone else if they do the same.

        • Alii

          Anyone else? Wrong. Don’t be silly, stop pretending like you know me. Silly person.

      • Alii

        She wouldn’t call him gross for no reason. She has her reasons, like I said. IF this article is true.

  • ashleyofcourse

    i hope that isnt what she said. she seems so mature and that statement would debunk her back to 5th grade.
    she’s doing well, she would know best to keep her mouth from belittling other artists.
    especially david, he’s good at what he does.
    but its okay cause i dont believe this article.

  • Anna

    Like her music and I think she is a talented artists, but her personality is a huge turn off. You already have many people pissed at you for your previous comments, why would you keep saying crap. Just say you don’t want to work with an artist, no need to be a bitch.

  • ISeeSparksFly

    Lol what a bitch.

  • sdfbhjhjdf

    She’s at that age where she thinks her opinions are golden and deserve to be shared with the world. Hopefully she matures eventually.

  • ainslie

    I admire her for being true to herself but working with david would give her so much more popularity, and give her more fans. david is popular, and can open doors for her. she seems to always bash other people…

  • jess

    Her arrogance and immaturity far outshine any talent she may possess.

  • madi

    She’s had one popular song and she’s walking around like she’s the shit. She needs to get her head out of her ass. Like I don’t like Selena or David Guetta to much but they’re both way more successful than her. At this rate she’ll be a one hit wonder.

  • Anon

    This girl is a straight up bitch…be thankful you are where you are right now

  • lala

    She’s a bitch. First Taylor & Selena, then Joe. Now David? Who’s next. Girls got a problem. You might have a number one song at the moment but a lot of people have been one hit wonders. You ain’t the shit, just an fyi.