Justin Bieber Graffiti Gangster God

The drawing shows a creature giving the middle finger with ‘Thug Life’ scrawled across its stomach and ‘R.I.P Pac’ emblazoned above its head – although it’s unclear whether the artwork is memorialising late rapper Tupac Shakur or the pet hamster Biebs named in his honour. Via MTV

  • Daniela

    This was in Bogota, Colombia recently, The country is pissed about it because the authorities allowed him to do it and its illegal to graffiti the streets.Authorities recently shot and killed a man who was spray painting the walls so it was kind of hypocritical.In my opinion , the city is full of graffiti everywhere and you don’t see anyone trying to take it off really so why should they take off Justin’s or complain about it? #justsaying

    • Guest

      Actually the place when Bieber did the graffiti is the one which is legal and police gave him the right to do it, they were around him when he was doing it with his friends for safety so no one would get hurt because traffic was going on so Bieber wanted them there in case something goes wrong. He didn’t do anything illegal because in THIS place it is ok and he got permission. The city is really full of graffiti and it’s hypocritical BUT you’re forgetting he’s Justin Bieber. His haters in that country made it a big deal and sheeps of the hate wagon probably complained about it even though he did nothing wrong so people took it off and then made new graffiti over his? LOL. Obviously it’s legal since someone else made their over it, I call it simply hatred for Bieber and even though all the money he donated there from his show they’re acting like ignorant assholes. What do you expect from the country please.

      • Katthie

        In Colombia there is NO a place where is legal, so stop making stories about it. He didn’t have any permission at all. Yes, the city is full of graffitis in some places but that doesn’t give him the right to do that, Especially when the country is going through a sensitive state about that situation (because cops killed a guy because of that). It doesn’t matter if he’s Justin Bieber or not, that’s not a big deal actually but what he did, it is a big deal. Finally, he didn’t donated anything, his concerts there costs three time more than others. The lacking of common sense coming from someone when idolizes another person almost borders on ignorance and stupidity.

        • MCMimi

          Maybe you should check your facts. Yes he did get the permission from the police maybe you should go and see it as it was reported specially since the police was around him making sure it all goes well. So it’s not legal according to you BUT there’s graffiti’s everywhere AND they then removed HIS because people complained BUT they allowed other artist on the same spot to put their over his day after? How fucking dumb YOU are? You lack common sense here honey. The entire thing is so hypocritical it’s insane and your stupidity is also hilarious. If he wasn’t allowed to do it police would come and arrest him not come to take care of safety and give him permission for it, if it’s so illegal and a crime nobody would be allowed to do it all over the city maybe do some research first. Specially since they just took off his graffiti and then allowed other artist put their over his? LOL so for them it’s ok? Face it, they’re just hating him because it’s Bieber and because they’re obviously uninformed that graffiti is LEGAL in that particular spot! Now think of some new bs excuses for your ignorant point and opinion. Shall we start with the 4’th grade insults since you’re probably still in it?

          • Katthie

            You’re the one who looks being in 4th grade (and I’m insulting them). You asked yourself a lot of questions didn’t you? and still you didn’t answer anyone. People don’t gravitate around him, this issue goes further than if he is or not Justin Bieber or if people hate him or not. the fact you can’t see that, just confirming me how blind some people are, especially when their worlds is summed to an “idol”.

        • Guest

          Actually proceeds from his concert went to charity there. Maybe you should stop making up stories? Bieber isn’t guilty because cops killed the boy, they gave him the permission which was said almost everywhere only people disliking him and getting way too much over it are complaining and saying he didn’t get the permission. Nothing illegal was done move on with your life now, they cleaned the walls ( because people obviously don’t like Bieber ) and allowed other artist to put their over his on the same wall. Now you tell me again how it’s not just because it’s Bieber. Next joke.

        • Hov

          So are you saying that Colombia has corrupt police who stood by and watched Justin Bieber do this, maybe taking pictures for their kids? Corrupt police in Colombia, the same country that has some of the world’s biggest drug lords? Whoever heard of such a thing in Colombia… That was sarcasm by the way! If Justin Bieber can make the news for doing something that he had permission to do from the local authorities, then the country’s priorities are all wrong. He did nothing without permission; can’t you get that? So it’s good other graffiti artists erased his work and placed new ones? And they could get away with it? Do we live in the land of Alice in Wonderland?

          • Katthie

            hahaha ok people can think whatever they want to, and make all he excuses they want to. Actually, yes, you’re totall right in most of your sarcastic arguments because police is corrupt and the country’s priorities are wrong.

          • Guest

            Honey just face it he DIDN’T do anything illegal police allowed him to do it at that spot, your arguments are invalid specially since I just checked out and they removed only his work but allowed other’s to put their over his? Now that’s ok but his isn’t ? Those aren’t excuses it’s what happened and facts actually. Stop being bitter over it, even if he didn’t get it there’s nothing so bad about it. Move on with your life, the entire country obviously is a hypocrite.