Justin Bieber Visits Brothel In Brazil

justin-bieber-penis (1)Justin Bieber has paid for Brazilian prostitute sex, reports Page Six. Bieber’s security team covered him with a tan-colored bed sheet as he walked out of the establishment, one of his handlers sprayed photographers with water, demanding they stop taking pictures.

Photographers confirmed that it’s Lil Bieby, a gray tattoo on Bieber’s inner wrist is also visible in the photos. Bieber was later kicked out of the hotel for breaking rules, it costs between $200 and $400 to sleep with a prostitute at the brothel. Prostitution is legal in Brazil, but running a brothel is not. UPDATE: Justin kept grabbing his penis in concert! Do YOU think he got STD from hooker?!


  • Anonymus

    I honestly don’t get if this is a big deal now? Can’t he even get laid without world knowing? Wow I am a dude and I would hate to be Bieber and get shit for normal stuff man. Prostitution is legal in Brazil. Seriously, so what if he paid for sex lol. Is he the first one to do it? Even if there’s no legit evidence of him paying for it he still did go there and was photographed. Whatever man this is getting pathetic I would hate to be in his position he’s like 19? Single? What is so wrong if he wants to have some fun? He isn’t 13 anymore. In Brazil many women work as prostitutes and I can’t lie they all look great. Live it up Biebs, it’s not like he’s the first one who did it.

    • anon

      if miley is scrutinized for twerking than I dont see why Bieber shouldnt get scrutinized for sleeping with a prostitute

      • MyNameIsLaura

        Miley tapes herself Bieber doesn’t

        • RegReach

          yes he does

          • MyNameIsLaura

            Ok link me to his sextape then? I got nothing against Miley it’s just not the same. Miley is doing it for publicity and Justin for his own pleasure. Let the guy live

          • Hov

            To me Miley’s way worse. She is doing it unpurpose and for publicity, Bieber on other hand is just experiencing some normal stuff guys his age do and he try’s to keep it private and low key but entire world finds out :D I would hate to be famous at his age because trust me what guys do his age is way worse then he did by far :)

    • ang

      Beliebers would defend Justin no matter what. If he raped someone you’d say the chick teased him and asked for it. If he did heroin you’d say so what he isn’t hurting anyone. Etc. Pathetic! And this just proves once again that Bieber has no morals.

      • Austin Ames

        There’s nothing to defend here since he’s doing something normal and IS legal in Brazil , milions do it every day if he raped someone or did cocaine no one would defend him. It’s just people like you who twist everything and make it a big deal while it isn’t and that’s why fans defend him. From your reactions.

      • .

        Why the fuck would you think any sane person would defend his ass if he raped someone? He has sane fans you know? That shit is serious. Fuck your analogy.

        You won’t catch any comment of mine defending him of doing heroin.

        And whats really pathetic is thinking what Bieber is doing is something actually worth getting upset about. This shit isn’t new in his world. Celebrities have been doing whatever the fuck they want since forever.

        Post something about yourself and let us talk about it while you sit back and take it.

        You have the nerve to judge and say he has no morals. OK.

  • ana

    I don’t get why that’s a problem. At least parents can be thankful he is searching hookers and not turning their daughters into groupies

    • Anonymus

      Lol yeah I hope he used condoms haha he doesn’t need the baby rumor to become true :D

      • javi g

        baby rumor? worry bout the deceases he could get. its brazil we are talking about. its good that he has sex. and its recommended but not with a prostitute. he’s got female fans that are his age or his old girlfriends.

        • Anonymus

          So he should go and screw those young girls and fans ? Or just use his old gf’s for sex with them? No man. It’s better if he’s having sex with a professional man, he isn’t dumb to not use condoms. Brazil is legal with prostitution and yes he can get shit from them but he isn’t dumb, the one he went to is ranked on top 10 worlds best ones. It’s sad how you view it he should just use those and it makes it ok but not if he goes to a brothel lol.

        • ana

          With prostitutes there are no expectations or hurting feelings. It is the easiest way to go

        • kik

          EXCUSE ME but do you think Brazil is some sort of jungle? We don’t have that many incidence of deceases as you think. There are countries that are WAY worse and there are countries that have a lot more of prostitution than us, like places in Europe. So NOPE, your argument is invalid.

      • ana

        Condom is not 100% safe besides they can be tampered with by the girls. But guess he is willing to take the risk

  • ina

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  • Belieber

    Justin basicaly tweeted that the rumors of this worst true so..lol he tweeted it but then deleted it. But he said “Please Stop Believing rumors.they are just that. bs rumors. getting tired of it. no truth to them. moving on now. seriouslymoving on.”

    • :D

      wasn’t* not worst

    • anon

      There are pics. He deleted the tweet because he knows there are enough evidence that he couldn’t deny.

      • Belieber

        yeah i looked more into it after i posted it…he messed up. He needs to think of how things are going to affect him before he does it.

        • anon

          he probably just didn’t anticipate that the paparazzi would be tipped off

        • Hov

          Well too bad he can’t even get laid without people finding out lol like I said I would hate to be him at this age, fucked up really.

  • meep

    I don’t really respect guys that pay for sex.

  • anon

    He’s been caught in too many scandals, whether true or not. It’s too messy and his career is gonna be soon over. Mark my words. They already can’t even get a big company behind the believe movie, fans have to request it for it to be played in theatres. This is only the beginning of his downfall and I’m sad for it. This is coming from a belieber.

    • Guest

      Except they have the big company and got it months ago go do some research. And by far as I see his career isn’t over, he’s still selling out every arena. This bad press can’t do it to him since 70% of it was proven untrue. His haters will keep hating which is normal for them. Scandals he had can’t be compared to scandals other celebrities had and still moved on with their careers.

      • anon

        Lol sweetie the only one who needs to do research out of the two of us is you. And no they don’t have a major studio with them which is explained by a team member of his in this dm to a fan: http://twitter.com/bieberschanel/status/396729514006286336/photo/1 and number 2 of course he is still selling out arenas but that will not last much longer. And his scandals have already hurt much of his public image. If he continues to taint his image, he will be gone very soon and that’s just a matter of fact. The public doesn’t support too much of a trashy image. But you can continue living on in denial!

        • Guest

          You continue thinking you can predict someone’s carer. Lol. People said he’s over 5 years ago. Not everyone who is famous has to have clear image, many are still successful but have a bad image.
          Everyone knows his movie will do good and probably beat 1D’s specially since he kept the same director.
          As well there’s no problem with them telling to request in their city’s. And honey selling out arena’s is something you can’t do if your image is that bad. Obviously people just don’t take it so seriously. Bieber will stick around for along time, specially since people are admitting his new recent work is better then before. Just wait and see. You’re the only delusional one, thinking couple of ”scandals” will ruin his career? Meanwhile 50% of them were proven false or twisted.

          • anon

            What stars are successful with a bad image? Please let me know and you can look at Chris brown as a prime example of what happens. And whatever you’re saying about the major studio, whatever because a member of his team said this Y E S T E R D A Y. Believe the actual source not something that reports on the source. I’m not gonna argue with you, you’ll see for yourself. I’m rooting for him but I am also a logical person.

          • anon

            And first you say 70% of his scandals have been proven false now it’s down to 50% in your next comment? Sweetie 25% have been proven false. He was pictured with weed in his hand, he was on actual video lashing out at paparazzi, he was on video sliding down his car to fight, he was on video bullying paparazzi after stealing the paparazzis camera, he just got snapped coming out of a brothel. Open your eyes. The only one proven false was the Mariah Yeater baby scandal.

        • .


          Open Road Films is an American film distribution company based in Hollywood, CA. It was launched by the two largest U.S. theaters; AMC and Regal Entertainment Group.

      • anon

        And before you say the dm was photoshopped: Justin tweeted from his verified Twitter account that his fans do indeed have to request the movie for it to be played in theatres, he just tried to make it sound like they aren’t struggling when they definitely are. Goodbye.

  • JUG

    I hope the drinking, pot, partying, fighting, speeding and use of prostitutes do not affect his endorsements and perfume sales.

    • azi


    • anon

      It will affect his whole career.

  • fghnfgh

    this guy got mental problems justin bieber is in drugs he is in drug addict

    • bhghhn

      yeah i know he loves smokes marijuana and he is alchaolic

  • oiu

    wow justin gayber likes to sleep with prostitutes

  • ghgh

    this kid need to get arrested well he is a drug dealer he dosent respect about about others justin bieber is goin down these days

  • fbccgb

    well he have tweens fans and grab his penis well justin bieber needs to figure out they have kids fans he is not allowed to do that in front for everyone

  • Kristen

    Y’all are all stupid as fuck, it’s not okay to sleep with prostitues, he probably has an std, he’s worse than miley, miley is smart and knows what she is doing, justin is stupid and inconsiderate of his fans he doesn’t value women you can blame the people who surround him but mainly him for allowing it. Beliebers need to get a life and stop pretending they are invincible you’re 12 I honestly feel bad for his mom.

    • MyNameIsLaura

      well prostitutes are there to sleep with though… It is ok it’s their job. It would be different if the woman got forced but she obviously enjoyed her 7000 dollars. I don’t like Justins behavior at all. He’s been a big ass to so many people. But saying Miley is smart… She may have started smart but she’s getting a little over the top now. What i’m trying to say actually is that they are people just like us and it’s sad that every step they make people have to judge them and hate

  • Gary Burnaska

    He is doing exactly what I would be doing if I had all that money at that age.

    • Austin Ames

      Exactly man. Those pre-teens on this site still didn’t grow up and see what people do when they age, completely normal stuff is what Bieber is doing they should go out more lol. I see no wrong here smh

  • .

    Nope, still don’t see the problem. He’s young, it’s HIS choice, no one is getting hurt and this doesn’t effect anyone personally in the least. I refuse to be a fan of his personal life. He is a big boy and mistakes are evident in everyone’s life.

    A lot of people learn the hard way and he seems to be one of them.

  • v

    His camp has been desperately selling straight image by planting FAKE BLIND ITEMS IN BLIND GOSSIP WEB bout him being baby daddy from his dancer and him having affair with Miranda Kerr – solid proof of how fake those blind items were every comment that were accepted was basically said how “stud” he is and rejected every comments that implying he’s gay or questioning bout the blind validity

  • :)

    just another story to try and make him appear as if he’s heterosexual.
    dont know why, she just doesnt come out of the closet already.

    probably waiting for a book deal or something.
    just hurry it up already Justine!
    (im sure she’s used to hearing that ;) )