Justin Bieber $10K To Strippers?

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Justin Bieber was an instant hit at a strip club in Houston, Texas, recently when he handed out $10,000 in less than 90 minutes. One lucky lady, who netted $7,000 of the generous pop star’s cash by performing exclusively for him, told In Touch magazine she gave the Baby singer a lap dance.

The VLive stripper, who calls herself Diamond, says, ‘I walked away with $7,000, a few of the other girls split the rest.’ But it appears the young star still has a lot to learn about strip club etiquette – he couldn’t keep his hands to himself. He grabbed my butt and asked if it was real, and smiled when I said yes.’

  • A.U.

    If I was as rich as Bieber, I would donate my my away to charities…. Why spend it on strippers?

    • .

      He already does that, have been since 2009.

      • Guest

        Exactly. Uneducated haters need to get their facts straight.

  • gvhngvnh

    this guy have problems


    And now add misogynist to the long list of negative adjectives that this guy is almost bragging about. Time to go.

  • lol

    if hes at houston tx right then hes trying to meet up selena bcuz today she performs here

    • Guest

      Lol honey don’t get your hopes up he’s done with that attention seeker obviously. This is like month old and OU is just dumb as always repeating it to try whatever they want to.

    • ana

      Bieber is in Brazil

  • .

    Lol this is old, like almost a month old. He’s not in TX anymore.

    His “moola” so I don’t see the problem & you guys already reported this. Stop repeating.

  • RegReach

    He is so generous now that hooker can go home early this week and be with her kids, inst he too young to enter strip clubs

  • ana

    Bieber is here in Brazil, he had to leave his hotel yesterday and got to a rented house because they did not allow him to go in with prostitutes lol. The guy is just living life, he just need be careful or he will catch a bunch of STD or get someone pregnant

  • Jaymes

    Hahaha he got busted at a whorehouse in Brazil… pathetic loser has to pay for sex… betcha he gets a nice STD to boot!

    • Guest

      And what’s the big deal? You loser wouldn’t get it even if you payed for it. LOL