Selena Gomez San Antonio Spurs Sexy

selena-san-antonio (8)
Selena Gomez super sexy performing in San Antonio Spurs jersey.

  • Lousi12

    Those photos are exactly like miley from 2009 tour! That selena girl has no originality !

    • Nina

      Atleat miley can sing and perform . Selena weak performing and singing skills are covered by her cute outfits, themes and lights . She knows how distract her fans.

    • Julia

      and miley copied it from britney and britney copied it from madonna and so on and so forth.

  • cerenagee

    Omg you people. Basketball season has just started no duhhhh! She’s a spurs fan and has made that known for years. She’s been spotted at multiple basketball games and is always very into it. No shit she’s wearing their jersey on the night of their game. She isn’t copying miley idiots she’s just actually a spurs basketball fan. Ignorant as fuck.

    • Nina

      Loool bitch who is talking about basket ball ?? Stupid girls thats all you can see

      • cerenagee

        Are you literally an idiot? Hahahaha you just proved my point your ignorant bitch omg. She is wearing a fucking basketball jersey the spurs are a basketball team you incompetent moron. These girls are saying she copied miley because miley wore a bulls jersey in 23 oh wow guess what sport the bulls play? BASKETBALL ooooh wow. Selena isnt copying miley just because she wore her favorite basketball teams jersey to her concert on a night they played.

        • kip

          I guess you’re the ignorant here. Do you realize that there are people in OU that are not from USA and don’t know your fucking basketball teams and whatever? That girl probably thought they were talking about the costumes or the way she’s portraying herself on stage, which really reminds me Miley from 2009 because she was starting to be a bit more sexier and people were hating on her. Gosh, I hate how americans think that everything and everyone is revolving around them and people should know everything, should know how to speak their language perfectly, etc. Motherfuckers.

          • cerenagee

            Cry me a fucking river. In my first comment I literally said the spurs are a basketball team and they’re her fave team so of course she would be wearing a jersey the night of her game. That is the commentshe replied to so fuck off with your wworld peace rant. If the girl had no idea what I was even talking about then she shouldn’t have commented telling me I was wrong to begin with. Thankkkkksss (:

          • tor

            oh shut up, she always does things right after miley does something, don’t you guys get tired of making excuses for her? yeah sure she might like spurs but guess what she has never wored the jersey on her concert until miley came out on the video with it, that’s what fans are trying to say, since you cant think why they are saying it! am explaining it to you! selena copies things right after miley do them, is not the fact that she cant try them is the fact she doesn’t do them until miley does it! miley on the other hand ddont copy from anyway in her age group, and is kind of pathetic selena is does this since they are not friend actually selena is bitter about her.

          • cerenagee

            Omg the amount of incorrect grammar in that sentence is enough to make me want to blow my brains out. Ignorance is not bliss people. Selena was wearing spurs jerseys way before miley wore a fucking bulla jersey. When the hell have you ever heard miley talk about the bulls? When have you ever once seen her at a basketball game? Oh but Selena goes all the time and wears her jersey all the time and Shes a biter? You miley fans are too fucking much. Educate yourself.