Bieber ENDS Brazil Concert After Water Bottle Thrown At Him!

‘Bieber’s security team covered him with a bedsheet bearing the sex den’s logo as he walked out of the establishment — and one of his handlers sprayed photographers with water, demanding they stop snapping,’ sources told Page Six. Although he kept himself covered, the Biebs was said to be identified by the tattoo on his wrist.

Meanwhile, the Canadian heart-throb is said to have enraged his Beliebers by ending his show in Sao Paulo early on Saturday night after having a water bottle thrown at him while on stage. The singer reportedly stormed off without saying goodbye or singing his most famous hit, Baby, after his microphone was knocked out of his hand by the plastic bottle.

Bieber, who was kicking off the Brazil leg of his Believe tour, had already irritated fans after arriving more than an hour late to the Anhembi Arena. Felipe Gladiador, who was reviewing the show for Brazil’s G7 website, said: ‘The public called for him, sang Baby, and yet nothing. The lights came on, Bieber’s team started to take the equipment away and the fans realised it wasn’t going to happen. In the end there was no farewell, no thanks and no rendition of his most famous song.’

  • Rosemary

    I will never understand how he can be HOURS late to his own show. That’s so messed up

    • Guest

      He wasn’t late for the beginning they got it wrong ( as always ) he was late for the LAST song which is right after Boyfriend ( when he was hit with the bottle ) get your shit right :) And still his reaction is normal , try this at Kanye’s concert and you’ll see shit go down.

      • Duckyhoward15

        Harry was hit by a shoe and a bottle and nothing happened okay

        • MCMimi

          Bieber broke his foot and moved on performing.

          • anony

            that was way before he became a douchebag

          • Duckyhoward15

            But got mad from a bottle , Lady Gaga broke a hip and kept on performing and dancing till it was too much , what he did was rude .

      • Hanna Ourimi

        Comparing his actions to Kayne’s doesn’t make it any less wrong since Kanye himself is the king of douchbags … What I wanna say is , in this case , security can search for the person that threw the bottle and kick them out of the arena or if they didn’t know who did it then , maybe justin can make a remark about it and continue the concert that more than10000 fans payed a load of shit to attend

      • mine

        Actually he was more than an hour late for the beginning of the concert.
        So I guess you, belieber, should get your shit right!

      • GhostShadow

        He’s been late to MANY of his shows in the past…and that was in the beginning. And how can you be late for your last song….did he have to finish his bong before he went back out to finish? Kanye really? Because Kanye is such a great role model. They aren’t even close for a comparison. First, there’s a major age difference between Kanye fans and Bieber fans…Bieber fans are psycho you know they are going to do crazy stuff, most Kanye fans will be drunk so they’ll just do normal crazy drunk stuff that seems like immature Bieber fans, difference is they are adults, so if they do stupid stuff they are going to pay the price for it. If it had been underwear Biebs wouldn’t have had a problem with it.

    • Austin Ames

      He isn’t the first or the last.

  • Guest

    I think he did no wrong, his own fans being so disrespectful is just wrong. You don’t throw bottle at someone who you paid to see, maybe he thought it wasn’t a fan and thought it was someone who simply wanted to hurt him? What he did was very normal. He didn’t end the show after 3 songs and left lol, he ended without the last song which is 3 minutes long. So he did nothing obviously. He did the right thing by leaving since it’s simply immature and childish and his fans will double think next time when they want to do the same. It would piss off anyone, I bet if someone did this on Kanye West concert this Bieber’s reaction would be nothing lol.

    • meep

      It was only one fan, in the first place. The rest of the fans paid to see him sing, too!

    • Amy

      Some one has already made this point, but it needs to be made again. Harry Styles has gotten hit with things several different times, including taking a shoe to the crotch. He didn’t storm off. He didn’t get upset. He just kept singing. It is unprofessional to storm off. He wasn’t in grave danger, so their is no justifiable reason for him leaving.

  • MCMimi

    It’s so funny how Brazilians are acting so fucked up over this. They defend the person throwing a bottle at him and say he’s bad for leaving the show because someone THREW something at him? Yeah if he did it in the middle of the show it’s bad and fuck him. But it’s only the last song he simply didn’t end, they had entire show done normally except the last song and it’s a big deal? Lol. Bitch please. I would see Madonna’s reaction to this trust me she would throw a tantrum on the stage he at least walked away. Brazilians can be great but very disrespectful. There’s nothing wrong with him leaving, next time take care about throwing things at someone.

    • lols

      Sorry, but he’s acting like a true DIVA, very spoiled just because someone threw something at him. With 1D these things ALWAYS happen, but they are mature enough to understand that, being a public person, they will be vulnerable to things like this, specially having crazy fan girls. And after all, the others 10000 fans did NOTHING, everyone was enjoying and singing and Bieber suddenly gets butthurt and leaves? Plus, he was hours late to his show and you want the brazilians not to complain? I don’t fucking care about Madonna, those artists that think they are THE SHIT and have no consideration with their fans or no modesty are not worth the fans’s respect.

    • Amy

      Do you know what Beyoncé did after being pulled off stage by a fan in Brazil? She got back up. She kept singing. She kept security from forcing the guy to leave. After the song she stopped and went over to him, talked to him, asked him his name, and told him she loved him. Beyoncé was in a lot more danger that Bieber was but she didn’t run off stage in a fit. She acted like a mature, professional, adult. Don’t try to defend Bieber and act like people like Madonna would do the same.

      • Constanza

        Beliebers are so delusional. Someone threw a bottle or something to rihanna and she said ” Dont throw shit or im leaving” and kept singing. If you dont want them to throw things just say HEY DONT THROW SHIT and keep on your show. Take Madonna, people (in my country) were smoking and she didnt want them to smoke on her show so she made them stop.

  • Julia

    What a child, wow someone through a bottle at him, you continue the show the way it’s attended because more than just the dickhead who through the bottle has paid 100s of dollars or whatever currency to see you perform. He’s getting too pompous for he’s own good. Who new the person couldve of been jumping or dancing and the bottle slipped out of there hand by accident and biebers going to cry over it. jheeze.

  • fuck

    Jesus his ego is so fucking huge.

  • J94

    Why the f*ck do you children keep defending this douchebag? He needs to get his head out of his ass and take a time out and come home to Canada and yes I’m Canadian, I think he’s a disgrace to Canada. I loved the kid then he turned into a little slimeball punk. Hate on Beliebers.

  • Aria

    Yeah I get that being hit by a water bottle isn’t nice and i’d be upset if someone did it but the price his fans pay for tickets are ridiculous. He should carry on for them and security should have found the person who threw the water bottle. It’s not fair to fans who’ve paid to see their idol and even them having to wait hours because he’s to busy is ridiculous. He needs to grow a back bone or people will just keep doing that stuff because people know It bothers him.

  • Katthie

    See, everytime this guy says or do something selfish and wrong, people come and defending him. The bottle water person was out of place, he didn’t have to do that. But Justin shouldn’t have ended up the concert like that.

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    How fucking immature.

  • ayy


  • anonymous

    good aim

  • HI

    they both were fucked upto do that.(water bottle thrown and him storming off) people paid to see him doesn’t mean he storms off I mean he should of laughed it off because the person that threw it at him probably paid to get in so any way hes making sales.he shouldn’t let his ego get huge lol

  • anon

    Like I was saying on the other JB post. This is the beginning of his downfall. Watch it all come down.

  • GhostShadow

    He’s only touring so he can go whoring around all the countries, he could care less about performing…he figures he already has all their money. He’d probably storm off stage if a teddy bear was thrown at him just so that he could leave sooner. Performing is just a hassle and cuts into partying time. He will never grow up because money has consumed him, now he’s use to using people (like being carried by his bodyguards everywhere). He forgets those photographers are part of the reason why he’s famous they give him publicity otherwise nobody would even know who he was… because we all know his voice isn’t that good and their are 100’s of other better sounding males out there, he’s only famous because he hit it right before the young male performer boom.If he tried to become famous now he’d never make it. His fans are morons to continue to support him and his continuous disrespectful actions when he could care less about them, he only sees them as $$$$$. I can’t wait for the day for when all the little kids that loved him when he first came out actually grow up and realize what the hell was I thinking liking this douche. Then he won’t have any fans because let’s be honest he’s not making any new fans these days only waiting for the ones to grow up that he already has. Then it will be a great day in the world when we never have to hear his name again.

    • .

      Wow, you seem so angry over a person that has done nothing to wrong you. Maybe Bieber isn’t your problem but something else personally. A very long speech about someone you truly will NEVER know. Don’t be so quick to eat what the media is trying to feed you. You would probably die of shock with how much lies are actually told.

  • .

    Well just about everyone said what I was thinking. The water bottle being thrown was just so disrespectful but it was just ONE fan or someone dumb enough that hates him to actually pay to go see him just to throw a water bottle which was full by the way.
    BUT he should have continued. I know damn well I would have thrown a fit if I paid a lot of money to see him and he didn’t finish.