Fan ‘Miley’s Actions Part Of A Plan!’

Nicholas Aiden (@WeAdoreMiley) was a one of the three lucky fans chosen in her VEVO certified videos: “I could not have been more ecstatic! I always dreamed of meeting Miley, but never expected the day to come. Upon meeting Miley, she glistened the room and immediately started walking in my direction. She said, “Your name is Nick, right?” The minute I said “yes,” she said, “that should not be too hard to remember.” Although I was trying to keep my composure cool and collective, in the inside I was literally going crazy.

While shooting, we had the opportunity to talk with Miley for a little bit and one of the things I asked her was if she would follow me on my fan twitter account (@weadoremiley). She said yes and has since kept that promise, because she follows me on Twitter today! While many might think that Miley is on a road of destruction, from a first hand experience I can tell everybody that it is not true. Miley was everything I expected her to be, outgoing, intelligent and outspoken. She made each person in the room feel beyond amazing and talked to me as if we have been friends for a long time. All the things she is doing right now is apart of a vision, it is a plan that she created and is now executing. She really does have everybody exactly where she wants them. I am so blessed that Miley, her team and VEVO has given me this opportunity of a life time!” + Two videos of @WeAdoreMiley under in the video!


  • anonymous

    could that be any more staged, fake, and brainwashing?

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      Mfte… Miley seems rude, snobbish, vulgar etc… This fan experience is a delusional fan who only sees the best in Miley. Also, do you expect Miley to be herself at a videotaped fan experience like VEVO?

      • Miley

        you obviously don’t follow miley’s career

      • :)

        Yeah ok. Because everyone who has worked with Miley or met her on the street say the exact samething these three just said.

  • cerenagee

    She actually looks cute here. Her hairs getting longer too and looks better

  • Taghreed Nazzal Ahwal

    We are so proud of you Nick… Follow your dreams!!!

  • Cynthia

    i feel like shes doing this on purpose the slut moves dirty pics and shit like shes pulling a bynes move and is going to turn around say ha just kidding.because she did talk about Amanda doin that and what not and then if u look at it the entire world is talking about her she could be a attention whore lol idk just what I think what do u guys think?

  • mountainmiracle

    She looks really good here but she seems so fake.

  • gui

    for the ones who say she’s fake, you should watch miley the movement. she’s not fake, she’s amazing and talented. she’s just being herself.

  • TrueSmiler

    It is obvious that is all part of a plan to her adult carrer.

    The question is whether this plan was the best for her and if is working like Miley and his team imagined.

    For me, the both answers are: NOT.
    Anyway, happy for this fan.

    • …..

      It’s probably not the best plan for her but it is working for her. My brother was forced to watch Miley the movement because I was watching it and by the end of it my brother said she’s pretty damn good in marketing herself and that’s true. No matter what kind of publicity an entertainer gets it is still of their advantage. “It’s better to be unpopular and mediocre in sales than be called trashy” sure if that’s what you want but that won’t get you the amount of money Miley has or the amount of gigs Miley has. Celine dion era is over if you are a female and you wanna make it in the industry in this society you gotta have a shock factor otherwise you won’t last long.