• anonnnnnnnn

    Weren’t they supposed to release those songs to/through Team Jonas?? Seriously wtf

    • threelittlebirds

      maybe they’ll delete after they release the songs.

  • threelittlebirds

    why keep team jonas if you’re not gonna be a band anymore? it would seem pointless.

  • RedneckAtHeart

    What’s the point of keeping Team Jonas active when there wont be a band anymore? I’m actually surprised it’s still up, though I’m sure it will be gone as soon as the special digital album is released to them.

    • JUG

      How about a Camp Rock 3 movie? How about a Jonas LA movie? How about all the charity work the Jonas Brothers do? Is that all over? It’s way too early to take down the Team Jonas twitter.

      • Vbbbn

        Sorry but jonas brothers are not goin to do camp rock 3 because jonas are not from Disney beside they are adults and they have adults fans

      • Ffghjbh

        No the charity of jonas brothers is not over they are gonna to continue to do that

      • RedneckAtHeart

        Yeah, I see them still doing the charity work as brothers; but the movies aren’t going to happen. They did those as a band and the band is no more. Team Jonas is a BAND fan club, why have a band fan club when there is no band? I think it’s time to just be done with it all.

  • JJ456

    I read he sings Joe’s song from CR? Is it true? If it is, I have no words.

  • guest

    I don’t see the point of it still being up since they’re no longer a band. once they release the digital album to the members of it, then they can delete it.

  • KatieJ

    I am sure that they will release those songs that were promise to there teamjonas fans, but then it will be up to them on what they choose to do with there website after. I also feel that there app they create with eventually have to be a decision as to whether they what to keep it running or not.

  • da truth

    They are such sneaky famewhores. They want nothing more than to get money from the fans. They told the fans only those who are part of Team Jonas will be able to get the new songs they are releasing (another ploy for fan’s money and income,) yet they are going to delete it after the fact. Looks like they want to milk what’s left of the fandom for all it’s worth before they delete their only source of income. We all know they will tank as solo acts. Hate to sound rude, but we all know it’s true. They will never have the support and fandom that they had together and will never be as successful separately as they were together. That is just the cold, hard, truth!

  • da truth

    The anon below is right. Who is to say that they won’t delete Team Jonas before releasing this imaginary music they were talking up the whole time? I mean, these are the same guys that got the fans all excited for the upcoming tour that they cancelled at the last minute, deleted their joint Twitter, and didn’t give anything to the fans except a vague statement that they were “butting heads.” No sorry, no nothing. Why should we take them at their word when they talk about releasing non-existent music (or at least music they want to be non-existent, according to them!) ?!?!?!? Honestly…

  • Julia

    What’s the point of showing interest and money for something they doesn’t exsist anymore? they should delete Team Jonas or at least make it FREE. once its free they should release these “4 extra singles” and “live album”…so it’s for all the fans, not just the rich ones.

  • Joan3103

    Yes, I’d be upset. They should keep it for their solo careers it will still be useful for presales and stuff.