Miley Cocaine Lines W/ Paris & Lindsay?

miley-cocaine (1)miley-cocaine (2)Miley Cyrus may have blown lines of cocaine with Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. On Oct. 19, Lindsay Lohan attended a drug and alcohol fueled bash in Hollywood with Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton. Source told STAR: ‘Lindsay arrived around 3 AM and was still there when dawn was breaking. Lindsay, Miley and Paris were taken to a special room for VIPs. There were lines of cocaine on the table, it was a free for all.

ALSO, according to MediaTakeOut, Miley also hooked up w/ Lil’ Romeo!

  • Mhmm

    *yawn* she’s a white trash slutty coke whore.

    we’re all 100% aware of those facts.

    • :)

      could not agree more with every single thing said here.

  • Guest

    Why is she taking pictures with Romeo grabbing her breast ):

    • try

      he is no grabbing her breast,he is grabbing her shoulder . I think miley is not hooking up with anyone,i think she just hanging out with friends this is tabloids making up stuff again,they see her with someone they assume she hooking up, she been pretty low key not getting into scandals so they have to make stuff up.she single she can date but I think she concentrading on her job.

      • RedneckAtHeart

        It actually looks like his hand is at the top side of her breast where the arm meets the body(armpit area)

  • cerenagee

    Typical Miley. The girl needs help. She needs a serious wake up call and some serious fucking help.

  • pandapower415

    cocaine is one hell of a drug, miley. i’m pretty sure you know that so i’m gonna keep any negative comments to myself cuz she should know better.

  • xoxo

    whatever you say big guy

  • smb

    “Lines of Cocaine on the table” which means it was available. Free fr all for who, Doesn’t say. Doesn’t say if she was partaking. Go to any club and there are generally line of cocaine being done somewhere, but it doesn’t mean everyone is using it. Like beer is in my fridge, but doesn’t mean I’m gonna drink any. This is just another rag that someone need to sue into non-existence for printing up false or exaggerated stories.

    • SMH

      “go to any club and there are lines of cocaine being done somewhere”
      umm…not sure what ghetto ass clubs you’re going to, but NO, hardcore illegal drugs arent commonplace for clubs like you make it seem.

      and if they are at ones your going to, then you should HIGHLY consider some new surroundings.

  • :)

    STAR MAG. = LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ….

    where are the pictures of them going out of the club. I mean lindsay, miley, and paris are there and yet no pictures at all? Talk about shady ass news.