Nick Jonas Solo Summertime Sadness

‘First Time’, ‘Wake Me Up’ & Drake under. Will YOU still supoport solo Nick?

UPDATE: Nick Instagrammd a pic with Elvis & new fan meetings!

  • nick I will love you 4 always

    Hi nick I think that you have a beautiful and magical voice a smile that can light up the whole wide world a face of an angel and most of all a heart that is bigger then all the world. you are my love and that will never change you will always be in my heart no matter what. nick it is my dream two be mentored by you and only you please go to cocoastar31 on youtube luv u 4evr and 4 always

  • guest

    not sure why, but i always get excited when musicians that i know of cover Lana Del Rey songs.

  • anon

    There was something with his Summertime Sadness performance (the only one I’ve heard so far), he sounds like he’s having some pitch issues?

    • anon

      something wrong* and yes I will support solo Joe and solo Nick. I dont know what Kevin is planning to do though.

  • anon

    Dear lord, Nick is so pitchy and nasally.

  • anon
    • anon

      actually scratch that i want joe to cover it! Nick already got Lana. :/

  • Anonom

    I think he had this all planed out.

  • Que

    About Nick’s pitch issues. Nick’s always sung some songs well and others not so well. Even during concerts.

  • anon

    I HEARD Nick has changed his artistic name to just Nick. Joe’s artistic name should be Adam with another last name now to distance himself from the Jonas era.

    • sun

      they not goin to change nothing besides joe jonas is not artistic name you know stop made up things

  • ANON

    I hope Joe doesnt bring Nick for jingleball, it is only fair that if Nick played a venue himself, Joe should play a venue himself. and why is Nick singing First Time if he felt trapped int he V?

  • anon

    Joe is going to be Joe Adam from now on or Adam Joe.

    • Ty

      Shut up you moron don’t made that crap

    • ashleyofcourse

      or J Adam J
      or Adams Apple
      or Adam Adam
      the list is endless.

  • z

    Will YOU still supoport solo Nick?
    No. Nick is an asshole. He break up the was his decision. Joe and Kevin could not refuse to that decision because Nick’s boss. Now I understand the situation of Joe, he looked really bad that week and still he’s sad. he was not prepared to it.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Nick’s version of Summertime Sadness is actually flawless imho…

    • anon

      He sounds like he’s blowing out his nose the whole time and off tune at some parts. But I like the arrangement.

  • XaskTaylorX

    I just love whe

  • XaskTaylorX

    I just love when people are sneaky and don’t get caught! (These types of situations and not the bad situations.)

  • KatieJ

    I think it is great that Nick Jonas is finally get back into his solo career. All three of the brothers should individual work back to going on there solo career paths. They closed one chapter in there life with the Jonas Brothers but that does not mean they can’t go back and re-open that chapter. They are each going back finding there own paths again. There isn’t anything wrong with that. Just support them for what they do whether it is individual or together it doesn’t matter. Supporting them with whatever they choose to do! The Jonas Brothers will always be apart of there fans’ lives whether they are together or not. I think that it is important that they do understand that there fans’ waited. I felt they dealt with everything the best way they knew how and that was all that mattered.

  • JJ

    Nick as a solo artist in the summer of 2011 couldn’t even fill up a small venue in Pennsylvania. And it was the only show he did in the US. Then it got rained out and he couldn’t finish the show. They had a lot more fans then. The only place people might go to see him solo is South America.

    • KatieJ

      Everyone has there own opinion there is nothing wrong with that. I thought he did well with certain venues. I cannot speak of Pennsylvania but I felt he had done well in different places around the U.S.

      • KatieJ


  • anon

    Still waiting on HQ videos of the performance, Lovanas uploaded a few pics from last night. He looks good.