Ariana Grande Notion Magazine Cover

ariana-grande-notion-magazine-cover-girlAriana Grande revealed that a song on her Christmas EP will be a duet with Liz Gillies: ‘Since I have wifi I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you I did another Christmas duet w someone we all know & love.. @lizgillies’.

Ariana told NOTION about her boyfriend Nathan Sykes: ‘I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and I’m learning a lot of lessons from this relationship. I think that’s beautiful and it’s something that should be expressed. You best believe I’m going to be writing about him. I’m always going to be as honest I want to be. Music is the greatest form of self-expression.’

  • Silver

    Same hair style.
    Same clothes.
    Same facial expression.

    The only thing different is the date….

  • briella

    lol @ the “Im the happiest Ive ever been” -_-
    she never deserved Jai

    • Silver


  • RedneckAtHeart

    It’s the little things, but she ALWAYS has the same hair style and the same doe eyed look on her face. Does she not know any other look?

  • .

    I’m bored of her already.

  • ally

    if she doesnt change up her look then people will get bored and move on from her
    i know i did