Demi Lovato Won’t Eat ‘Food W/ Alcohol’

demi-alcohol-foodDemi Lovato is taking extra precautions to stay away from alcohol while out to dinner with friends in Manhattan, reports New York Post. Demi and her friends made sure that there wasn’t any alcohol on their table and also requested that there be no alcohol in any of the food they ordered.

  • Brandon

    I understand the no alcohol on the table but the food thing is just plan retarded

    • cerenagee

      I think its great that they are being so considerate.

    • Anna

      I have never been an addict, but I imagine that having alcohol in anything could cause problems. Unless you have been an addict you just need to be quiet.

      • Brandon

        It’s not like she’s eating alcohol infused food alcohol is Vanilla extract and many pasta’s that i’m sure she’s eating and will continual to eat in the future so maybe you be quiet.

        • cerenagee

          obviously she isn’t eating it if she’s having her food made without it you fucking moron

          • Brandon

            get a fucking life crazy

          • cerenagee

            you’re the one attempting to bash demi because she’s doing the absolute most to make sure she’s sober. im the cray cray one? hahaha ooook love

          • Brandon

            I wasn’t bashing Demi you stupid bitch

          • cerenagee

            haha get more mad

  • cerenagee

    I can see why people would think that the no food thing is a bit much but for a recovering addict thats really important. She prides herself on being 100% sober. Even if it is just in food, that alcohol going into her body could trigger cravings for it. I think Demi is amazing and very determined to stay sober and I think its awesome her friends are so supportive of it

    • Jeanette Grimshaw

      i agree

  • Cici

    I admire her strength & determination. Staying clean is tough after addictions, and it is so easy to give into withdraws. If she is being this cautious, she must still be fighting it and dealing with withdraws. You got this Demi!

  • anon

    New York? Isn’t she in LA?

  • anonymous

    shame she’s still being served wilmer

  • lkgsl

    you can say she had/has an heavy issue with alcohol, damn :/

  • Ann

    Alcohol used in meals evaporates because of the cooking, so in reality there’s no alcohol at all. Another thing is if the meal is raw or something, but that’s not usual.

    • Lilly

      What happens then with salads, they don’t use heat to do them, the alcohol would be there

  • Alii

    She’s so strong. I’m so proud of her. Smart and healthy!

  • ally

    good for her trying to stay sober
    freaking love her <3

  • NineteenYearOld

    For the people saying that it’s stupid for her to do this, it’s actually not. I refuse to drink alcohol, but I have had food prepared with alcohol in it. The reason I do this is because the alcohol is taken out in the cooking process, and they use it for the flavor aspect. The reason Demi does not want food prepared with alcohol is because the flavor is still there. That hint of whatever alcohol is in the dish might trigger her old addiction and cause her to relapse. This is extremely smart on her part and I think Demi is being extremely responsible in her choices.

  • Natalia García R


  • Michelle

    If she wants to stay away from alcohol she should stay away from Wilmer since he parties all the time

    • RedneckAtHeart

      Though I love them together I actually agree with this.

  • boystan


  • Rosemary

    Good for her! It’s nice to hear she’s taking extra care of herself

  • Jen

    You guys know alcohol in actual food is used soley for cooking purposes right? It doesn’t affect the taste of the food or the person eating it. That’s ridiculous and so unecessay if this is true

  • Me

    She is getting slimmer than her usual overweight…. Id she bulimic again? Or maybe this time she uses laxatives. At least Miley is naturally skinny and sexy, Demi is fat