• anon

    I doubt he’s sad, he was getting ready to fly home so he can then get on a plane and fly to Olivia, so he was probably excited.

    • ghgnhn

      to fly home ?sorry but all states from U.S is his home

  • anon

    i blame rita ora

    • Anonom

      For what?

      • anon

        he’s remembering that time Rita told him she didn’t wanna be his gf right after she banged him :(

        • A.U.

          Why would he be thinking about that? How do you know what he is thinking?

          • anon

            oh my god

          • ashleyofcourse

            lmfao yaassss

  • JUG

    Girls are so fickle. In 2010, there’s no way that Nick could sit there eating without being mobbed by teen girls. Now nothing. I find it sad how quickly girls forget about what was the biggest boyband in the world between 2007-2010 and the kings of Disney for the longest time.

    • jean

      he probably enjoys his privacy

    • sun

      well nick is not interestin in teens he is interting in woman because he loves woman older then him besides teens for him is over

    • ty

      haha you mean mobbed by woman

  • APY

    Unbelievable how life changes. He’s just some guy in the airport now. Sad.

  • rosie

    Oh well, now he know what is like been a normal person for once!

  • rosie

    Pleeease stop talking about that FAMEWHORE of Olivia, nobody care about her!

  • ashleyofcourse

    lmao you guys are saying how he has to live a normal life now because yeah normal people are randomly photographed in the airport then show up on celebrity gossip sites.