Nick Jonas Live In The Vineyard Pictures

nick-jonas-vineyard (1)nick-jonas-attack
Nick Jonas performing for the first time solo after breaking up Jonas Brothers at Live In The Vineyard Music Festival. Nick will also start focusing on producing more music for such acts as girlfriend Olivia Culpo.

UPDATE: Do YOU think it’s okay that former Jonas fans are attacking Nick?

UPDATE #2: Concert videos under!

  • ha

    nick bulge jonas

  • cerenagee

    nick is so beautiful gahhh<3

  • Cici

    that was fast

  • anon

    What you all been waiting for Nick shirtless without instagram filters!

  • anon
  • RedneckAtHeart

    Well that didn’t take long….


      ikr, it’s almost like he saw this all coming

      • RedneckAtHeart

        He had everything planned to the T. He knew exactly what he was doing. It may have been a shock to Joe and Kevin, but this was carefully thought out by Nick for a while.

  • EEK

    LOL. Of course the trailer is coming out for CWYWF. Timed perfectly for Nick to dump all the old things in his life so he can get on with the new. He even used GMA and People to wrap the end of his former life up with a little bow and plenty of publicity. Problem is the movie trailer shows off some new muscles but no new acting ability. Kind of an R rated Jonas LA episode.

    • RedneckAtHeart

      He had everything planned to the T. I feel for Joe and Kevin…

    • anon

      yeah he’s satan, let’s hate him

      pls notice the sarcasm

    • ashleyofcourse

      Kind of an R rated Jonas LA episode.
      YASSS oh my word. nickkkk i dont even know wwnsnpajp

  • JJ456

    Nick, would you like some cheese with your “whine”, lol?

  • jillianrose

    I agree Nick is a talented musician. Will have to see his acting ability. He does seem to be very ambitious and calculating. He wanted to go solo and it looks like he set everything in motion to capitalize on the “mutual end of the Jobros”. Wonder how much Papa J was involved with what went down?

  • Nikki

    Nick trying so desperately to be seen as a “man” now.

    now he’s drinking booze while on stage…???
    nice to see he’s become such an alcoholic in such a short amount of time (of being legally*** able to drink, though we know he’s been doing it WAY longer than just since turning 21)