Gomez, I’m Girl You Take Home To Parents

selena-gomez-teen-vogueSelena Gomez told Teen Vogue: You fall in love and it completely consumes you. So a part of you is broken when that’s gone. And part of you wants to have that rebellious feeling where you’re just like, forget it-I can do anything I want. I’ve tried it, and I’ve never been that girl. I’m always going to be the girl you want to take home to your parents, not for the night.”

My attention span is all over the place, and I overthink things. I’m an insomniac. Dancing allows me to go away and not have to think of what I’m doing next. That is the opportunity for me to really escape. I like to say I have a good sense of judgment, but I know that not everybody does The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve learned that I have to open myself up to all opportunities. Maybe I’ll get burned and not meet the right people, but I won’t know until I do it.’

On Taylor Swift: ‘The difference between Taylor and me is she was sixteen with the confidence of a 25-year-old. Actually, I should say 80-year-old, because she’s such an old soul. I was not that way. I was very sheltered until about eighteen or nineteen. I still live at home, and I’m 21! She does inspire me like crazy, but I wouldn’t change my path, because it allowed me to figure out all that stuff and do it on my own.’

On her weakness for junk food: ‘I eat junk. I’m from the South, so I love Mexican food, greasy pasta, and fried things. I do try, every now and then, to put something in my body that will be good, but, honestly, I’ve never liked working out. I need to be active in some way, though—that’s why I kind of secretly do it for my show. We have thirteen choreographed pieces, and it’s a 90-minute set. I consider that my workout!’

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  • Narnia

    Aaaaw Sel… I know the feeling, I am also that kind of girl, the sweet, adorable only relatively pretty girl that guys want to take home to their mum….. And I have been told countless times that I am not the one night consumed with lust girl, those are usually the gorgeous sexy big breasted ones…. But I see it as a good thing rather than a bad thing. People say its boring, not sexy etc… but well that is just how I am.

    • ty

      please dont put ridiculous comments not guys want her stop puting things that is not true

      • Anonymous

        What the…the post makes perfect sense…

  • Guest

    Subtle shot at Miley ?

    • xxxChloejxxx

      haha how did you get miley out of that paragraph? I’m so confused, not everything is a shade lol

    • anon

      No. She is just saying she is not into one night stand hookups.

    • Anonymous

      You’re acting like Miley is one of a kind.

  • ety

    I’ve been there and I know what she’s talking about.

  • .

    Fucking beautiful! Too much photo shop on her face (which she doesn’t need) but I love the shoot. She looks amazing. I know exactly what she’s talking about and boringly true I’m that girl.

  • Silver

    I too know what she means… I guess it is the norm around America. Most girls are the girl next door type. I like how she is so humble.

  • Guest

    “haha how did you get miley out of that paragraph? I’m so confused, not everything is a shade lol”

    Because Miley is currently the rebellious one rumored to be having one night stands.

    • cerenagee

      That paragraph is not a subtle shot at miley at all. Quit looking to cause drama. This paragraph is real and its about her. We all can relate to it. When I got out of a long relationship I wanted to be like fuck it I just want to have fun but at the end of the day that’s not who I am. Its just her being real.

  • fds

    oh selena you sure are full of yourself,i don’t think a mother will like a girl who makes out with multiple males on different movies,i doubt a mother will likw her son to date someone who has been in an almost porn movie with spring breakers,or a girl who got touched everwhere by an ex when they were dating Is not lady like. so just stop mothers don’t like actress for their kids,they have no respect for a woman who kisses man on every movie or job they get so please stop.

    • cerenagee

      Omg please just get out. You’re so stupid. Pathetic. O don’t even know where to start with how many idiotic things you just said.

    • lilly

      wowwwwwww. I think this might be the dumbest comment I have read in a while….I don’t want to be too mean because you are obviously a very younggirl. but when she is in movies, it is called working. her ex touched all over her? you wouldn’t understand being in love with somebody… or even understand being in a relationship. She is a classy lady. I would love my son one day to be with a girl like that. a smart, classy, beautiful, business woman.

      Anywho, does anyone else notice how she is sweeping in and being the ideal role model/star for this generation as Miley is going crazy? smart.

      • cerenagee

        totally agree. it’s crazy to see. its almost funny to me that she is doing it effortlessly. she isn’t even trying to be some saint or anything she is just very aware that she has younger fans and I love that she isn’t trying to burst out of the Disney image. she’s doing it at her pace and so maturely. miley is just desperate for attention in an attempt to get more sales, which is working, but is trashy.

        • blue

          Sure…you know what’s funny thoughthat she will alwayslive in Mileys SHADOW!!!!

          • cerenagee

            Selena doesn’t need to act like a drug crazed whore in order to be ontop. Who gives a shit. Clearly she doesn’t and as a fan I don’t care that she isn’t as famous as Miley. Half of Miley’s fame is because of the fact that she’s some fucking whore.

          • Blue

            No honey Miley been more famous since her Disneydays…She will alwaysbe more relevant than Selena no matter how much Selena hates and shadesher….

          • cerenagee

            No shit. Miley was famous first. She had her own show on Disney first. Omg haha I’m done

          • uoi

            how old are you? 12? your mentaly is like a child of 12 year old or more younger

          • cerenagee

            first of all you liked your own comment immediately after posting it. second of all if you’re going to diss me then do so in proper english. i believe you were trying to say my MENTALITY is that of a 12 year old….clearly you’re either foreign or a stupid little child who is trying to diss me…the awkward thing is you’re not smart enough to :/ sad day.

          • Uoi

            Haha you see you are 12 year old child bye the way I live in the U.S and smart? Sorry but you are not smart eather please get out to your high horse and live your reality life stupid

          • cerenagee

            hahaahaha sorry I would give better response but your english was so fucked that I have no idea how to respond to that hahahaha

          • uoi

            haha well you dont have nothing to say because i was right

          • cerenagee

            haha ok sweetheart if it makes you feel better to feel like you’re right go for it :) And if it makes you feel better to like your own comments literally 1 second after posting then hey go for it hahahaha

          • uoi

            well your comments feel better to?because you think is right you are probely closed mind person and real nagative to others well is not my problem that you are not happy

          • cerenagee

            please learn how to speak proper english haha you’re killing me hahahahaahahaha

      • Blue

        Its find when you’re in love and your bf touches all over but not in public…that’s not CLASSY…You call Miley a whore but she has more respect with her bf in public she’s never been fingered in public like this fake ass bitch…just saying

        • cerenagee

          She’s never been fingered in public what in the actual fuck are you talking about? HAHAHA

  • cerenagee

    Selena you’re beautiful. I love how humble and real she is. Its so refreshing. Its nice that she’s so relateable too.

  • HeyThereDuhhLila

    Selena is always throwing shade, but I get what she’s saying here. If you don’t think about all of the other times that she’s thrown shade at Miley, you can see that this statement could have come from a shade-less place in her heart lol.

    With that said, I don’t agree with her characterization of people who have the “I can do anything I want” attitudes, not being the type of people you can bring home to mom. There are plenty of people who have more bold personality types like that that you can bring home to mom. Sometimes, those personality types are the most charming. But that’s just my opinion. Doing whatever you want, doesn’t necessarily mean your doing bad things. Sometimes it just means that your following what makes you passionate/happy regardless of what other peoples views are.

  • anonymous

    it’s not necessary to ever get burned


    she is too beautiful for life :)

  • :)

    Still living at home with mommy, lmao!!!! Time to cut the umbilical cord, selena.

    • cerenagee

      oh god. haha such a hypocrite. you hate on selena yet support a pill popping whore like miley and then get so butt ass fucking hurt when I call her out on her trashy behavior. what a fucking hypocrite hahaah

      • :)

        I’m not hating, asshole. I think it’s time for her to move out and get her own place that’s all. Gee, a little defensive aren’t we.

  • boystan


  • Rosemary


  • Ee

    wow photoshot in real life selena is not pretty she always got photoshot on magazine they fixed the face the body and everything

    • Drive

      Most guys think she is pretty though, I will just name a few… Justin Bieber, George Shelly, Zayn Malik, Logan Lerman, Prince Royce, Romeo Miller…. all people who have seen her in real life…. so next time come up with a better hate spew.

      • Ee

        dont be mad about me haha why because i telling the truth?please

      • sun

        sorry but those guys they never say that about selena please dont made up a crap

  • ghh

    i saw selena wering a buble jaket and she was nice

  • Mellz89

    she’s so pretty :) and lovely

  • Clauber

    I like her personality, maybe because im like her, so i dnt understand when people jugde her or other celebs, i mean everybody is so different