Abigail Breslin Jack Barakat DATING

abigail-breslin-jack-barakatLittle Miss Sunshine star Abigail Breslin, 17, is dating All Time Low band vocalist Jack Barakat, 25, reports Us Weekly. The couple has been keeping a low profile. He recently visited Breslin on the set of her upcoming film Maggie, in which she stars as the main character of the same name.

Breslin and Barakat first met at an All Time Low concert back in April. While the couple looked cozy in the corner at the film’s premiere party. Breslin was in the ‘adult section’ with her new boyfriend.

  • threelittlebirds

    isn’t that illegal?

    • zaina

      Not in Hollywood my dear.

    • boo

      It’s fine as long as they haven’t had sex yet. A little odd due to the age gap but otherwise not illegal.

  • dont panic

    jack barakat is the guitar player.. alex gaskarth is the vocalist

    • k.

      thank you! i’ve been wanting to write this on every single article i’ve read today about them!

  • Alii

    WOW. Look who grew up!

  • Jen

    Wtf how weird

  • boystan


  • boo

    I love Abigail Breslin! She’s very talented and seems to have grown up very gracefully. Plus she’s gorgeous now! As opposed to just cute as a kid, of course. They look like a toooootal mismatch but I don’t really know too much about him to begin with. Hope he’s good to her.

    • k.

      he is the greatest thing in the universe, i hope she is good to him hahah

  • hallo

    Part of me is like, whoa – quite an age gap there. But part of me is like totally on board. I mean, that’s pretty darn cute actually.

  • Kay

    she is too young for him, I’m his age, I wouldn’t date someone younger than 22, creepy!

  • Anonymous

    He’s very well known to enjoy sex, like… I’ve heard he hooks up on every tour so I’m 99.99% sure they’ve done it already.