• cerenagee

    This picture reminds me of this is the end hahaha anyone who’s seen that movie will understand

  • threelittlebirds

    is this suppose to be shocking? we all know she smokes weed.

    • Clauber

      Yes, she loves weed!

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      she love dat good kush kush! Bob Miley ERYBODY YALL

  • MyNameIsLaura

    A joint is no big deal. What annoys me more is the person taking this picture

    • Clauber

      OMG really? it is not big deal,

      • MyNameIsLaura

        Yes really. A private party is private i would not like someone to take a picture of me smoking a joint. Just because it’s something i don’t want a picture of

  • dasd

    is this really news?
    we all are aware

  • Clauber

    Sadly, people think that it is so normal to see Miley smoking weed since she was 17 or 18

    • Sara

      or maybe because most people over the age of 18 understand this is a very common thing for people to at least try. and she has her medical license to use it. so it’s not a big deal.

      • Clauber

        Oh come on, she is not trying, your excuse is so awful. One thing is that smoking weed is so common, and other thing is that its not healthy or legal, and yes sadly a lot of teenagers start just trying and then they just cant stop.

  • doubledeelovato

    That’s a blunt. A joint is smaller.

    • Twerkit

      True, it’s a blunt but not because its bigger. It’s because it’s rolled with swisher papers and not zig-zags. The swisher paper is made of tobacco, giving it a different taste.

      • doubledeelovato

        That’s true, I’ve personally never seen a big one – that’s pretty average. EITHER WAY, she was smoking a /blunt/ not killing a nun, amiright?

  • boystan

    i wanna get high with miley

  • :)

    Looks like I see another hand going in for the interception. Anybody else see the third arm in there.

    Omg, Adam Lambert smokes weed????

  • jules

    its called a blunt not a joint. fucking idiots

  • RedneckAtHeart

    Anyone else have the line, ” In the club, high on purp, with my shades on.” running through your head while seeing this? No, just me? *Hangs head in shame* :P

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    I hate when delusionals defend their stans lmao. “ITS A CIGARETTE” cries a smiler off in the distance.